Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wooden stakes

More dreams...

     Seems strange in a way that most of my dreams I am either in my hospital bed or at least can't move much or at all. In many of my 'normal' dreams and what I've heard from others is that while dreaming we are stuck in mud or just can't seem to move when we want whether we are being chased or for whatever reason. In my coma I had dreams similiar, I couldn't move - why couldn't I run like the wind or fly or something in those dreams!?!
     In this dream I am in what seems to be a dentist office building. Not sure what the real difference between hospital vs dental is, but I think my bed was more dentist chair and there were less people and a receptionist office. I was there with my parents and my friend Jason who was with his oldest daughter. (Jason is my friend who pinned me with the "Cheek" nickname is middle school.) We were not there for my teeth, we were there because it was the best place the hospital thought they could care for me at.
     I was extremely sick and could not move very well at all especially my legs, but I was aware enough mentally to know what was going on. I was there waiting for a blood transfusion and was waiting for Sarah to get there as quick as possible after her college class. (She hadn't yet started school yet in reality.) My parents and to a degree I guess, Jason was too, there to protect me. There was a receptionist lady at the front desk and one nurse on duty. This is where it gets scarier, and whackier. The people in the room were there to not only help keep me alive, but there to protect me, from vampires. Yep, another dream with vampires. Blood suckers! Not sure if anything was special about me or if I was an easy target, or new blood or what, nevertheless they were out for me. About all we knew was the hospital staff could not proceed on the transfusion until Sarah got there. She would call and tell me and the rest of us to be strong and to not let anyone else in until she got there and to make sure it was definitely her that comes. Why..?
     Well these vampires could change form to which ever people they overcome, and in this case could be anyone of my family or my friend or the receptionist. Well if you are wondering how they would do that, is because the receptionist was in fact a vampire. We knew she was but we had control over her. To keep control over her and others is to look directly at them. You didn't have to keep eye to eye contact on them, but had to have them know we can see them. The only way they can over take human form is to get us when we are not looking, which is easier on strangers or those who don't know what they truly are.
     My bed area was kind of lofted over the rest of the office where visibility was the best and no other way in to my room. My parents spent most of the time in my room while Jason and his daughter spent their time in the main area watching TV and playing games on their phones. In true dream fashion, where I just can't get to where I want to, Sarah just couldn't get here as fast as we all could hope, like she was flooring the gas but going 2 miles-per-hour. The biggest obstacle was going to the bathroom as we were afraid the receptionist vampire would be able to sneak up on someone, or if we went in two's I could possibly be left alone. The receptionist always had a smirk on her face, like she knew something we didn't or something like that which scared us. Every time someone knocked on the door we would think it was Sarah, but it wasn't and we asked for no visitors so we assumed it was always a trick. Someone would knock and say they were friends or say they were a doctor and we would turn them away. This happened all the time. Everyone started to get tired, in particular Jason's daughter so we got ice cream out of the freezer to hopefully wake us up. We were afraid for her to fall asleep because that would leave Jason more vulnerable. The ice cream worked for awhile but she was about to fall asleep and this was coinciding with my dad needing to go to the bathroom. Uh-oh, this is a problem.. Where is Sarah! We called her and she said she was almost here, again..
     So here we are now, Jason's daughter was asleep and Dad was off to the bathroom with Mom to keep each other safe as they both may as well pee as long as they are in there. On the way, they gave Jason specific orders to keep a very watchful eye on me and to yell if anything happens or if Sarah calls or is here. My folks then go to the vampire and tell her to stay in her chair or else! I'm not sure what defense we had against them but I guess enough that they must have to obey or something as we look at them. Doors kept knocking while my folks used the bathroom and Jason would ask who it was, as no visitors were welcome today. The a female behind the door says, 'Jason, it's Sarah, I left my room key in the car, let me in.' Jason I could tell didn't know what to do but then ended up saying she had to wait until my parents got out. I knew this wasn't Sarah because her keys were always together and wouldn't knock so this gave me some relief. I couldn't talk above a whisper but I wanted to thank him, but then I noticed the front desk was empty, shit! She's coming for me! I look back to Jason and she is on top of him and she turns to me and gives me a freakish smile and begins taking Jason's body form and starts walking towards me. Just before this blood sucker gets to the steps leading to me, where it would be too late, I'd be killed, my parents come out of the bathroom and get in Jason's face asking where he is going. Holy shit my parents saved me!! Now Jason is about 6'6" and is all together large, and my parents are, well, not. 'He' looks down at them and says, I thought I heard Mike call for me. My parents look back up at him and say, you have known Mike for over 30 years and it's been almost that long since you called him Mike.  Now they stare directly into his red eyes and force him back to his chair at the desk. He obeys but still has a shit grin and they all look over where him and his daughter were and they are both sleeping and the door is open. Now they look back up to me and see 'Jason's daughter' walking towards me and tosses the ice cream at them. Oh fuck, there are two of them in here, I'm a dead man.. Then all of a sudden a pissed off 9, month pregnant woman, who is hungry and out of diet Pepsi slams the door wide open breaking its glass window. Awesome!
     Now this is terrific, but in true fashion of most my dreams, it frickin ends without knowingly wtf  happened! Really wanted to see my wife whoop up on some vampire ass Blade-style! Well in a way I do know what happened. My transfusions were successful and my friends are there with me, my family would do anything for me, and my wife saved me - again. (I'd be scared if I were I vampire too! Lol)


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