Tuesday, October 14, 2014

School awareness

    Going a little outside of my norm here, but it's a topic fresh on my mind because of an email I received today. I typically get at least one email a week from my kids principal regarding things going on like book fairs and parent pick-ups or early outs. Well today I got one about bullying. Who knew, but October is National Bullying Awareness Month, and the idea of the email was to help show the kids positivity and uplifting ideas about them feeling better and hopefully help them feel better or even feel like they have a place to go or teachers to talk to on not so good days. They are asking for volunteers (us parents) to help draw chalk pictures and positive words on the playground Wednesday evening to surprise the kids with when they get to school Thursday. I think this is a great idea!
     Brings up a big case of deciding on what you may do as a parent if you ever found out your child was getting bullied. Or just being part of knowing a loved one is. Part of me thinks I would cry, part of me thinks I would find the parents of the child or children doing the bullying and 'talk' to them with a heavy shovel on each shoulder.
     My boy is in first grade. Last year his teacher helped and agreed with his parents that we would hold him back and redo first grade. It was a difficult decision in the way that I felt too proud to have MY son retaking a grade. It was tough and I struggled with it for awhile. But there was more to it than just that. He was a good student and has always been a very intelligent boy. Ryan was born 4 pounds 12 ounces and has always been on the smaller size of kids his age. He is an April birthday as well so he was among the younger kids in his class, so this we think had affected him being and sometimes even acting immature. So like I was saying, he passed all his courses and could be in the 2nd grade rather easily now but we are all happy with our decision because he has really excelled academically AND socially this year. I couldn't just sit back and watch him struggle and not try and help out anyway I could.
     Before, I didn't want him to get picked on because he was smaller, and now I don't want him to get picked on because he's taking a grade over. I don't think it will happen, I'm probably just a worried Dad and trying to protect my only child, (until now:)
     Have any of you dealt with this at any level? I see bullying all over the Internet and on the news and the stories of people helping the kids are few and far between. I think it's tough for kids at any level to sometimes realize how they may be affecting fellow students. This, however doesn't have to be just kids, but I think that is for another day. (And yes, I know, my kids could be the one doing the bullying and that too would be for another day) I hope this chalk on the school yard idea is a great way to help raise awareness and if it helps just one kid, that is better than none and could really be so very important to that child. Kudos Starr Elementary and the others for getting involved in this Bully Awareness Month.

I am pretty sure this is my first post involving any type of possible controversial, religious or political topic but I have plenty to talk about! My view and 'style' is non-confrontational as I tend to just comment from beliefs, facts, ideas and thoughts, but mainly from my heart. For instance, I don't see myself as religious, although I was baptized catholic. I don't view myself as a democratic or republican, both or neither. I agree a and disagree with things on BOTH sides. I support the U.S. Military and our troops, but not always what they are ordered to do. What I do know about myself is that I am a father, husband, I live in Wisconsin and I am a proud American.

Anyway, I still do intend on my blog revolving around me with blastomycosis 😎


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