Saturday, October 25, 2014


     Well, like we all know by now, 2014 has been rather rough. In no particular order: we've moved three times, I got sick, really sick, exchanged our vehicle for a mini van, lost more hair, closed the bar, lost my job, lost the bar (ok, we didn't lose it, but we aren't open anymore), have changed a million diapers (not just my own), I am in my last year before hitting 40, had to learn to walk, chew and swallow again, and as well as having brain damage causing me to have among other things short term memory loss, the Packers DIDN'T win the Super Bowl, the Brewers faded, and I missed the Badgers' run to the Final Four, as well as the Masters, I still am unable to drive, have to pee much more but can't when I try, I also take more drugs than Chris Farley, missed dart regionals and dart league, we live in my folks basement, and my fantasy football teams stink. And now this.... I somehow lost another of my favorite things.. My ability to drink beer. Son of a bitch! Yes, I feel like it is an ability. Not sure, guessing it has something to do with my medication. Stupid disabilities. 
     About two months ago I was out with Sarah for my birthday and I had beer. Note, I didn't say I had one beer. For those of you who don't know me, I like me some beers, and usually a bunch of them. So this sucks! Any-who, so I get home from my birthday night and I get sick. In all my years, I'm not one to get sick, so there was some concern about it cause I wasn't sure if I had thrown up my medication or not. We have been going to Rooster's Roadhouse lately on Friday's for thier great fish fry and have three beers with dinner. Well last Friday we went and I ended up getting four beers. Well on the way home, I started now feeling good again, now this time I didn't get sick but still didn't feel right. Last night we had dinner at Phil's Hideway and had a couple beers there and then back to NR for a couple hours and had several more. I didn't get sick when I got home but I got sick today, after lunch. That sucked cause I lost my lunch and got hungry but didn't want to eat and my belly has been ill the rest of today. I see my Doctors this week and may consider a smaller dosage of meds, or flat out starting to wean off some of them. Not just cause of the beer, but hey, it is important:)
     Now, clearly I know there are more important matters in life than me drinking beer. (Should leave that to a different post:) Plus I don't want to sound like I'm whining about the shitty '14 year. I mean I did dodge death, and my family is together that now includes a beautiful baby girl to go along with Sarah and Ryan. But, still, a guy can get a little grouchy about not being able to enjoy his beer! I think I should write an apology letter to Anheuser-Busch. I mean they never wronged me! 
     In the meantime, these medications still hasn't taken away another love: booze! Lol. I can still enjoy my cocktails.. less calories, and not as filling as beer. Less calories is good cause I am getting too close to my weight of where I was when I got sick. I do not suggest my diet though, not fun gaining 40 and then losing 90 while in a coma. Fingers down the throat are better. And, since exercise is tough, really tough on my feet there is not much else I can do but wait. 


P.S. I was joking about the fingers in the throat. 
Double P.S. Just because beer has a problem with me, doesn't mean I have a problem with beer! 
Triple P.S. I miss Chris Farley. 

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