Friday, October 10, 2014


Hey, something a little different here today,

I am attempting to form a Facebook page. However, I am not sure what I'm doing! We had a FB page for our bar that I was a co-admin with Sarah but I didn't use it much. I 'think' I did it correctly but going to wait until Sarah gets home from school to edit it before I share it lol.

Anyway, obviously I have started this blog which I am really enjoying and I hope you all are as well. I plan to continue this for, well possibly forever:)

But, I would also like to help make more awareness of this Blastomycosis and how it's contracted and what it does and can do to people. I've mentioned before that I had never heard of Blasto, and I wonder if local clinics and hospitals are aware and have the ability to diagnose it and find the quickest way to treat or find treatment for it. The state health department has some information but them and my doctors keep it confidential on to where people lived or where they got infected. Not exactly sure why other than I believe some of these are kept secret because, I think, had died. They know some areas that are worse than others and have seen public notices that are higher risks.

I mentioned before that I have talked to a couple local people who had Blasto and we have shared some stories about our experience. I believe they want to keep a connection, which is great. My plan is to reach out to others around the Midwest, strangers, and somehow see if they would like to share as well. This affects not only the person who gets infected, but thier friends, family and even thanks to all of you wonderful people, the community. Maybe this will turn into something of relevance and enough awareness and as importantly concern about Blasto. 



P.S. Promise I'll get back to writing an actual story of mine soon :)

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