Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Home bathroom

Quick one..

I probably still have my text to my Dad saved in my phone when I sent him a message that I stood for the 'first' time to pee.
Part of the 'deal' with me getting released from the hospital was that we needed to install proper bathroom handicap equipment. Sorry if there are technical terms for them, but I had to put in a hand brace on the edge of the outside of the bathtub and one in the inside. The tub was right next to the toilet that I had to install a brace on each side of that too, which was used as a dual purpose: for me to attempt to bath, and to sit on the toilet.
I had prescribed medicine for my leg swelling that made me pee a lot, but I was unable to stand. So, I needed to move from my wheelchair to the toilet in a sitting position. I would say for the first two weeks I used my bed 'urinal' to pee during the night because I just couldn't get out of bed in time and then to my wheelchair and then to the bathroom. Even after I stopped using the wheelchair it wasn't any faster hobbling in with my walker to the bathroom and I didn't want to wake Sarah or our new baby up so I'd pee in this plastic urinal. I got kind of used to using it at the hospital so it was sadly, almost normal. Well, Sarah said enough is enough, she told me to get rid of it and either wake me or get up and go to the bathroom. Made sense, I had to grind it out.
Well, soon after, not really sure how long, but I was fed up with sitting to pee. There were the braces on each side of the toilet, so one day, by myself, stupid I knew, I stood over the toilet and basically put some weight on the braces to keep me up and went pee. It was Amazing! I mean I drinbled some cause my legs were so weak and wobbly, but I did it alone and it was like I was drunk again lol :)
It was a great day. Have stood up ever since to pee. I am fortunate and thankful.


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