Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Sarah would set me up with movies to watch from time to time to help me pass the time as it gets rather boring laying down non-stop day in and day out. We have some differences in movie preferences, for instance I'm admittedly into Marvel movies, sci-fi flicks and many war involved types as well. Sure we both like comedies and 'some' romantic comedies are ok on occasion.
Couple Movies I remember her bringing in were the newer "Robin Hood" movie with Russel Crowe and also "Gravity" with George Clooney. "Gravity" was interesting because (not to ruin it) but the astronaut is alone and goes crazy with her lack of oxygen.. Hmm, related? My brother would bring movies too and one time he brought 'Pacific Rim' which was basically about big ass monsters attacking earth from within and us fighting back with big ass monster machines. Thanks bro for that mind f*uck lol :) Apparently Sarah told them I was hallucinating but we watched it any way haha.

Anyway this short story revolves a little around the "Robin Hood" movie.  I had several nurses throughout my time in Bethezda and one male nurse in particular I thought he was gay. No big deal, but at the time ~ give me a break ~ I thought he was hitting on me. Was pretty sure he gave me his number and sat down in my hospital bed with me. Ok, so he probably told me to press the nurse button to "call" him for assistance and the nurses always had to adjust me in my bed cause I couldn't move. Well, my bad. Still, I felt it was my duty to politely tell this guy that I in fact, although I'm sure very sexy in my gown and being mainly motionless in my bed that I wasn't gay. Oops, my bad. Well he clearly didn't appreciate that, and didn't talk to me for several days. Well I was watching "Robin Hood" (not the 'Men in Tights' version cause that'd be too awesome) and he was on duty that night. It was late and I decided to ask him if he wanted to join me. Well, he did! Next thing I know we are in a cabin, like 600 years ago in Ireland cabin, it's stotmy out and we are keeping warm with snuggly blankets on SEPERATE couches. It was the extended version of the movie but we watched it anyway. Wasn't that good but not that bad of a movie either.  I feel like I really turned the corner on my hetero masculinity that night as nobody asked me out the remainder of my stay :)
Now about those female occupational therapists who couldn't resist my 2 pound weight lifting lol.


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