Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ellis Island

I had dreams of being in the Statue of Liberty. Multiple times. They were not really scary, not funny, sad or even really happy. I believe just spending time in the statue was therapeutic and was all that was needed. I think I have mentioned in earlier posts that I had some dreams where they took place several years ago and up even up to, say 200+ years ago in the American revolutionary war time. I realize the Statue of Liberty isn't that old nor are parts of these dreams so I can't explain it very well but I thought it was that long ago nonetheless. Hope this isn't over boring :)

Not sure why or when or even how I would get to and then up the Statue of Liberty but I did, and I had visitors as well. In these dreams I am always hanging out inside the top of Lady Liberty's flame, so as high as possible. Hmm, high.. Well at least one time I'm up there with my Dad. We are having a few beers and shooting the shit like the norm for us. Can't really remember what we were talking about other than life and enjoying it. We were starting to get a little drunk and we decided to climb up a little higher and get ourselves a better view of the sky. Well I should say a better view of the stars as it was night. Clear as ever, stars shining brighter than can imagine. The moon was out but it wasn't full nor was it overhead. We are now as high as we could possibly get and drinking more beer. It's cold now, damn near freezing as we can see our breath and our beer is starting to frost up. We finish the ice cold beer and toss them back into the area where we were before climbing up. Now maybe we are drunk, maybe we are lacking oxygen from our heights or a combo of both, but we start getting short on breath and getting tired. No idea why now, but for whatever reason there is an old, old fighter jet now floating in space near us. We want to touch it. But we don't reach for this plane because it is so beautiful and patriotic that we can't bring ourselves to ruining the sight. There are bullet holes and an American flag painted on this plane. It is now even colder and we have less air to breath. We then figure it's time to head back down. Somehow we trip and stumble and we start falling back into the area we were originally drinking our beer at. Drunk, dreaming or whatever, we are falling in slow motion. I'm can't speak for my Dad but I am sure he was doing the same as me, staring at this beautiful and almost romantic, vintage airplane as we are falling back down. We land and shortly after, all cold and drunk and nearly out of air, we hear a knock. It is a knocking from a door. Now I'm sure that the Statue of Libery doesn't have wooden doors, but in my dream and in my 1700 time zone I feel I'm in, it makes sense to me. The wooden stairs go all the way up to the top twirling around until you get to the room we are in, where there you find a trap door on the ceiling with a rope attached to the inside to pull open the door. This will allow it to open and to be kept open. Not sure what the contraption is called but I have "dolley" in my head. Regardless, it was basically identical to the door I used at my old Skid Row bar to get up and down from the basement. So we hear this knocking, and we have no idea who it is or if we are in trouble or anything. We're like whatever, and just let this person in. This person comes in, doesn't say anything, but offers us some beer. We are nearly passed out and about ready to freeze to death but we figure we can have one more with our new guest. Neither of us ask who he is and he doesn't say anything to us either. I don't know who he is or what his purpose is, but I think this guy was lonely. I think he was possibly homeless, tired, scared or just plain looking to get away from something or someone. I remember hoping he wasn't planning on jumping out the window, as we were in no shape to stop him. I don't recognize his face or age or anything. Perhaps he was an ex pilot looking at his plane one last time. No idea.
Not much more happens in this dream. We don't die, jump, get busted for trespassing or anything. I know Dad and I wake up in the morning and we are cold but not too bad, almost comfortable and our breathing has recovered. We are wondering if this stranger is around, or if we both were imaging him. We chuckle a little knowing that we couldn't poss dream the same dream, could we?
I must say that I enjoyed this dream. Like I said, it wasn't scary. I mean we could have froze or suffocated to death and we could have shared a beer with a war vet, or a drunk, or a jumper, we didn't know as it didn't really matter at that point. Perhaps selfishly, I for one just remember enjoying my time with my Dad. Thankfully I woke up and it wasn't my last time with him.


P.S. Some of the dreams like this one, I wish that I COULD remember more about or have another dream about as it felt very true and emotional. These vintage-style dreams and sights I invisioned were very complex, yet simple. I wish I could explain more in detail about things like the plane or this stranger or even falling or barely breathing. They are as true of feelings as I believe I can have while sleeping. I have more stories similar to this one including one with a compass.

Hope you continue to enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your story Mike. I have really enjoyed reading all about your journey. I have laughed, cried, and really stopped and gave thanks. This is a good thing you are doing, sharing your story like this. Thank you!