Saturday, October 11, 2014


I took a drive this morning, on my 3-wheel scooter to pick up some orange juice for Sarah. I was in line with my cane and mentioned to this older gentleman behind me that I was just waiting, he smiled and said "how can you just be waiting around here on a beautiful day like today," with a chuckle. Him and I both had shorts and tennis shoes on and a hoodie and noticed he had a slight limp kind of similar to mine. We chatted for the brief time we were in line and said our friendly goodbyes. As I walked out to my ride I see him nearly trip getting into his car and I say, hey be careful or you will end up in one of these like me! He says that he's already 'been there' and points to his artificial leg and tells me it happened a 'few years ago' or like 30 years and laughs, saying it really doesn't bother him anymore. I asked if he minded if he would tell me what happened and he said an old grain mill got him but he doesn't farm anymore, with another smile. We talked a few seconds more and said our nice-to-talk's and went our way. Only main point of my story here today was how he just made my morning by how friendly and happy he was even though he had a clear lifelong injury, while I should eventually get better.

Thank you stranger,


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