Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rocket Man

Another dream here while I was in the hospital and early on in my time in the coma.

Little background first. I really love me some history. Have since I can remember. Yes my Dad was a history teacher for 100 years, and he really is about the smartest person I know in that area, so I'm excited to talk to him about this dream in particular. I also love me some movies. Lots of different types, usually with some sort of action, and like in this case war action, involved. This dream was like a real life movie that most of it takes place some 50 years ago that had an impact on history, and fiction. Ok and there are good looking ladies in this dream too, ya know, good looking like my wife :)

Anyway, there is nobody I personally know in this dream, I'm not even actually involved in it. But it's like I'm there, watching everything unfold like in a movie, so closely that it's like I'm living it with everyone else. It takes place in Russia (told you I had more on this:) and it is rather graphic. Also, just because I love history, doesn't make me a genius about it, or even correct, or make sense. It's just how I dreamed it...

      This takes place in a large city in Russia, I'm assuming Moscow, and it's late in WWII in 1945. The city is functioning on a thread, buildings are destroyed, burnt down, shot up, you name it, it is a mess. Streets are full of fires, garbage, the homeless and thieves. Russia is involved with the world war, but now their main concern is the civil war going on within Russia, some fighting for Lenin and some fighting for Stalin, but nobody really knows who is who or why they are fighting. Schools are still in session and people are walking the streets, some businesses are still open, some have been destroyed or abandoned. Everybody needs to be careful and have an identity badge on them at all times because police or military could stop you for any reason. There are tanks in the streets and they are randomly shooting at buildings with possible targets inside as well as shooting on unarmed citizens. Blood is everywhere and many times the dead are not yet picked up or deposited of and hardly any get buried. The law says, that as a male or female citizen, you have the choice to join the military or not on your 16th birthday.

A group of kids are walking to school. A couple of the members of the police stops them and asks where they are going. One of the girls speaks up to tell them and they all show them their badges. The police make a call to someone and says they are legit, but tells them they have to go with him to sign some papers before they can go on their way. The kids are all about in the ten year old range and have no love for the police, military or the government, as their parents have suffered through really bad times, several parents have even died from the wars, but the kids know better than to not obey. The police take all 7 kids to a near-by office building with all sorts of chemistry experiments going on and they are left to two military men. One man has a black beard. The kids are asked a bunch of bull shit questions and are being shoved around trying to get anyone to squeal, but there is nothing to tell. They shoot and kill one of the boys and tell the rest to one; not say anything about what they see and two; find out any secret plans of any group planning on overthrowing the government from their parents or they will kill them. The rest of the 6 kids agree just to save their own lives as they are crying and so very scared. The men check their ID's and write down their parents names and tell them to keep this meeting quiet or they will find the parents and kill them too. One of the men walks over to the girls and starts playing with their hair saying "you don't want that do you?" There are three girls and three boys, and one of the boys, probably the oldest, gets angry at the man touching them and the other man kicks the boy to the ground and pistol whips him several times across the head. The man stops before killing him and asks the other two boys if they have anything to say, they don't but he shoots one in the head anyway. The men then start beating and having their way with the three girls and killing one in the process with the two boys helpless to do anything. As time passes the men stop and tell the kids to leave and to listen to what they said. Right before they run out they grab the one boy who had been untouched and the bearded man takes a knife and cuts a gash down his face and through his eye, and says that he's not that lucky to get out free of pain. The barely surviving two girls and two boys leave, bloodied, terrified, helpless, confused.

Now, several years have passed. On the face, Moscow looks like it has cleaned itself up nicely and it looks much more modern than the times should allow it to be in. It now has a feel of being almost hip and a little bit sexy, with classier clothes and nicer cars. Downtown is more lively and people seem to be getting along well together and are almost looking to be having fun. This is not the true case as the military owns the government and now has control over everything by orders of the new President. Stalin and Lenin are out of any control and this new salt and pepper bearded President has control over almost everything. His base is on the outskirts of Moscow and this is where his plan is to unfold.

It is now 1961. Behind the scenes, the military is hard at work. They are trying to devise a plan to force every person in Russia once hitting the age of 16 to join their corrupt military. The idea is to win the now coined 'space race' versus the U.S. and in the process drop some type of mind altering toxic gas into the atmosphere controlling the minds of children who will subconsciously know they have to join the military. When these cosmonauts take off from the lightly guarded Presidents base and launch into space they will release the invisible gas onto all of Russia, millions of 16 year old recruits will join up to make their military forces enormous in numbers.

A team of assassins, working on their own with no love for the military but do for mother Russia are now in Moscow. Members of their team found out the Presidents plan and have brought the information back at the expense of losing one of the thieves by getting gunned down as they were escaping. This group, under direction of a young man with an eye patch, two younger beautiful women, one with red hair the other blonde, and another man lead a few other members who are intent on saving Russia and assassinating the President.

The team has their plan set, and everyone is in place and they begin their attack. The two women walk up to a tank in the street out front of the enemy base and a man comes out of the hatch whistling at the women and asks if they want a ride, then the red head takes her gun out and shots him in the head and the blonde jumps up onto the tank and drops a grenade into the tank and it blows up from inside. One of their snipers take out the front guards and they make their way inside. They do end up tripping a motion sensor and the Presidents troops notice whats happened outside and gun fighting is soon underway. Shots back and forth take out a couple members of each side. The team breaches the compound and because of the surprise attack have taken control of the base and have the President cornered.

The man with the eye patch, the red and blonde women and the 4th man have the President surrounded by guns to his head. The red head says to him, "remember us?" and the President says no, and asks who they are. The blonde shoots him in the knee cap and the other man keeps him from going to the ground. She says, well maybe this will remind you, as two of the group members wearing masks walk up to him and pull their masks off and together say, "hello father." In a confused look he shakes his head in non-belief and the blonde shoots his other knee cap and he falls to the ground. Red says to him as he's bleeding and crying on the floor, "16 years ago you and your buddy had some fun with me, my sisters and my brothers. You killed one sister and two brothers, cut one eye out and raped me and my sister and now, today you see your children before you." She then shoots him in the balls and her eye-patched brother cuts his eye out, when blonde says, "my child is 16 and my nephew will be tomorrow, and they will NEVER be part of this military", and the two kids walk up to him and empty their bullets into his head.

Now in control of the base and the rocket, they move to get on the ship and prepare for launch. One of the dead Presidents' engineers tells them that they can't take the rocket because their lungs won't survive the trip. He explains they will suffocate that high up because the astronaut crew that was scheduled to go up have taken several hours in the decompression chamber to get better acclimated. The 4 siblings ignore this and get into the rocket. (yeah i guess they can fly rockets:) Now on their way flying into space they begin to start losing their breath. Hoping to get far enough out of the earth's atmosphere to release the toxic gas into space and turn back and make it back to the base, they try and figure out what to do before they run out of air. They decide to set the ship on auto drive and get the gas canister's ready to get released out of the ship as they are going to try and take their chances free falling back to earth with parachutes. Just as they are all set, they lose their last breathe and drop the toxins and the gas is released. A few minutes later they wake up with lungs full of toxic air. Not knowing they breathed anything bad in, they get set to jump out and attempt, how unlikely it may be, to make their way back with the near impossible free fall. As they jump out and start falling back to earth they watch the ship fly off into space and they look back to earth hoping they can somehow land near the base and make it alive. The air is so thin on their way down they lose conscientiousness again and continue to fall.

Later that day one by one the siblings wake up. They are lying on the ground not too far from each other and they are surrounded by a big fire, and they notice familiar scrap metal all around them and realize that the  rocket ship they were on had fallen back to earth and crashed all around them. None of them recall opening their parachutes. The two cousins left the base to come and find them and see that they all made it safely back to earth with no scrapes, and even their uncle with the eye patch has been completely healed, both eyes and all. They figure that they must have breathed in some of the gas somehow and that was the reason they were able to survive the lack of air and the fall. The family and the rest of the group reunite and talk about how they stopped the man who made them who they are today, who became President, and then killed him to exact revenge and save Russia from his leadership, and then disposed of his toxic gas and saved millions of teenagers. They decide they need to continue fighting for their country and they form a new government union called, the Soviet Union. (Ok now my dream gets weird)
The now eye-patchless uncle has become Dracula.
The other uncle teams up with and marries his red-headed niece and he becomes Hitler.
The blonde woman becomes another vampire and travels to America.
The last child becomes the leader and Czar of the Soviet Union.
While completing their revenge on their tormentor, and saving so many teenage kids they themselves became more evil and caused more deaths than they could ever imagine.

This dream was way messed up. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. Sorry if I did. If the years and dates, along with the historical events don't make sense, it's because most of them don't! In a very weird way, it was almost a fun dream, maybe perhaps because I didn't know anybody in the dream and it was like watching a movie. Like I said there were other dreams that I think were related to this one like how Sarah and I become Presidents of a European nation and another where vampires take over the world. Both of those are messed up as well.

I have little conclusions to this dream other than lots of breathing issues, pain, science and medicine being part of things I was experiences.

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