Friday, October 17, 2014

~few pictures for now~

Just a little tidbit to what's ahead...
This is me Day #1 at Westfield's in New Richmond. I'm not      all that happy but I feel like shit and can't breathe. 

Here is me proving how well I can't breathe. Still in Westfield's. 

Little man comes to visit me, still here in New Richmond. I don't much remember this very well. 

This is about all for here on this page. I'm not sure how to post pictures very well but I'm learning (thanks Sarah) 
This is what I plan to do soon though, posting all those pictures from the hospitals with a little comment or something next to it. Hopefully it will look nicer than these lol. Although I personally will look terrible in most of the pictures. Rather scary!!

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  1. I posted this from my phone so it is a little more ugly than usual ;)