Monday, October 27, 2014

Drug Dealing

     Well I spent some nasty times in my days that I would like to soon forget...  I know of this time I went to pick up my car, wherever the hell this was and got stopped by some people I barely knew and they laughed at me, saying they didn't know why I would think I could just sweep in and get my car with no repercussions. I didn't know what they were talking about and the lady that was with took me to the side and we walked awhile. She seemed friendly at first put I was soon to realize the opposite. She asked if I remembered or not? I said no. She got irritated and pulled my shirt sleeves up and revealed tattoos I don't remember. Full tattoos, ones like I don't have or didn't know what they meant or where I got them or why. She then brought me to my car which was stuck in and chained up in some trashy garage. She said I owe for the drugs I sold, and for the drugs I used myself. And that I owe for for the money Iborrowed and money that's mysteriously missing. Said bring it back and maybe I would get my car. Now, I'm sure most of you have kept track over the past couple months, and realize this is all a dream. But I would like to reiterate in case of newer readers. 
     I can only assume I needed the car for what was inside it, or for no good, or both. Anyhow, this dream lead to travels all over trying to find ways to pay these people back. The longer it took, the more I wondered if they were right, I mean everywhere I went I either heard stories or met bad people along the way that I had dealt with.  
     Not sure what this has to do with anything, but they were part of the same messed up dream that I remember nonetheless. I had this car, same one or not I don't know, but I guess I had made a deal with a friend of mine for him to buy it from me for his kid. Apparently I screwed this guy over and took his cash but kept the car. He came after me with a shotgun into my garage and shot holes in the hood while I was inside. My girlfriend I guess at that moment was, well a hoe. She got all freaked out at the guy with a shot gun, and said she was going to kill him and then call the cops. By the time they had shown up it was a little later than I would have liked because this gunman had me tied up to a chair and kicked the crap out of me telling me to give his money back or I was dead. Well, my princess GF has switched bedmates already and has snuggled up to all horny with and is helping my punisher, which was bad enough but these assholes were drinking my damn Jack Daniels! Not sure how I made it out, but I think the cops came and arrested me. Lol. 
     The next dream I had I went to this gas station to grab some beers. (Not sure why these have cars in them all so far.)  Well, turns out that it was good timing. Not for a sale for my beer or anything, but it turns out it was my work shift at this gas station. Wtf, ugh. I'm like, ok whatever give me a break from some ass-whoopings and guns and shit and make a few bucks in the meantime. Well, not so lucky. Turns out it's a dirty store..weird! The cops have a stakeout going on watching over this place from across the street. Ok.. Be calm, check ID's, get through the day and get on my way. Wrong! So of course one of the cops comes in and it's the whole bs-ing like we're friends even though they somehow know I'm bad, which I guess I am at this point type of deal. He tells me to keep my nose clean.. Hmm or I will be locked up longer than Nelson Mandela. A little while later he leaves and I hear a knocking, but it's not from the back door or any door I see. Nope, turns out there is a secret passage door behind the cigarette stand that leads to a back room of the neighboring store. In there is a table full of guys. They clearly knew me, but I did know them, but, well I'm starting to get the picture, I guess I do. They tell me they are ready for some beers and booze, so I play along and say ok be right back with what kind? They look confused and say no, go out the front and go in as a customer. Oh..great. So I go out the front and see the undercover squad car but head back into the gas station (with no money) anyway. Look around and there are two people in there. One behind the counter that I actually DO know, and a customer that I know as well. I try shooting the shit a bit and they say they are in a hurry and to grab "the goods." Well, I guess I'm learning a little here now because I know what these two meant and what the guys next door want. Drugs, or money, or both. Well, sorry about this, but it is MY dream, but the walk-in beer cooler is under the floor. Not like downstairs, but it's IN the ground, you lay behind the counter and a trap door opens and you roll into water, yeah water, and it's a fully stocked "pool cooler" but I don't think any of the liquor bottles had liquor in them. So I get what I'm supposed to and come back out. The customer that I know grabs this stuff and I ask him if he can help me get my car back. He says yeah good luck with that and leaves, without paying. Where are the cops now! Great!? Guy behind the counter slaps me on the back and says, 'welcome for covering you,' grabs a 6-pack of beer and walks out. This sucks!
     Well I guess at this point I figured what else could go wrong so I go back to where this whole dream started and see if I dunno, see if I've gone through enough shit to get my car back. The tattoo chick is there and she is extra happy to see me. Like grossly happy. Didn't know why she was creepily nice last time, but I do now as I think she's my GF and, well she proves it. Well apparently I 'proved' myself to them all druggers as well and only had to do one more thing to get my car back.. Meet this guy in Texas and he will show me what to do, and then come back and the keys are mine. Well ok then! Oh, but my ugly ass, drug dealin' ho-baggin' GF is coming with......

'Til next time


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