Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Muhammed Ali

This one is not a dream, although some of this shit is messed up.

When I first remember waking up in Bethezda they kept asking me so many questions, over and over, which was probably fine at first because I didn't know all the answers. Questions like my name, where I specifically was, what city and state I was in, and the date were the common questions. For whatever reason I had a difficult time remembering it was 2014, I had 2013 (or earlier a few times) in my mind. I went in in early March and was probably sick for awhile before that not knowing that I was, so I guess 2013 wasn't that far away in my thinking. I thought for a time I was at Bethpage, which is a PGA golf course lol. I really didn't know where I was, I mean I kind of remember being in New Richmond and the ambulance ride to Regions. Not much else though, although some things were later familiar about my other stays and transfers.

On top of that I didn't know I had a trache in my throat or what they were doing to my body, in particular my lungs. I just kept getting questions after questions if I wanted a suction. Huh? A suction..what the hell is that? Do I have to pay for it? Ha! I didn't know what they were talking about, but they 'did it' anyway. Hurt like hell, but was then a relief. Ok, what's going on. Eventually I would figure out that when my breathing got worse, alarms would beep, nurse would come in and they would 'suction' me. It felt like I was at a dentist office and when they put in that suction thing to get rid of all the liquid and how it feels under your tongue. It felt like I had an operation to put a little hole with a metal top under my tongue that when they suctioned me they would put whatever medical tool into that hole to drain my lungs. Weird, I know.

OK, so a few days of getting used to this and being aware of the concept of them helping me breathe I was sleeping in my room like normal. I woke up and for whatever reason I felt like I was in this large room, like an auditorium or gym or something with the floor filled with other patients in their own beds. I'm trying to clear my cobwebs a little from my sleep and I as I'm lying on my bed I look over to my left to see this freakish looking 10 year old eastern European boy laying next to me. As fast as I could react I did the - whoa WTF is that and started floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Never punched a 10 year old in the face, but this weirdo was about to get an NFL-style whooping, I mean I was shadow boxing like hell wondering what the hell is happening here. Luckily Sarah was there at the time and she came to my bed noticing that something was wrong. She says everything is ok and she's just a nurse asking how your feeling and if I needed suction. Good lord, it's a girl? Well sorry chick but you are one odd ass looking individual. The cobwebs cleared a little more and she wasn't as bad as I had thought, but wow that is an interesting way to wake up!

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