Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Back in my time in the hospital I had two different memory dreams about going to the theater. Not like the popcorn and candy type to see a billion dollar budget movie, but an actual theater to see a live show. The type where everyone is dressed to the nines in tuxedo's and fancy dresses. Dinner and cocktails served before the show starts. Like where James Bond goes to meet somebody under cover, where only the rich can come, where it seems old-fashioned, like really old fashioned, like couple hundred years ago type. Because that's when my dream takes place. It's right around the time just after the Revolutionary War. America is still finding itself and many places are still in war torn disarray. (I have more on this topic on a different story.) Why I am here I don't really know. The place is always packed, but I don't know anyone or who I am with.

Everyone is nice. Polite. But kind of sad. Not crying, just sad. Sad like we know something bad is going to happen but have come to grips with it and are all trying to enjoy our time. Maybe? We all take our seats. I'm in the lower deck. The place is huge, 3 balcony's. My seats are really nice, maybe not the best, but they are close to the stage and can see everything.

The lights go dim, the curtains are pulled and the show starts.
Now I am no where close to knowing anything about shows, plays, the stage, performers, music, all around any theater knowledge. But, I somehow fit in. The show is going and it's amazing. I'm not exactly sure why, I don't even know what language they are speaking, singing. Mainly singing. Opera-like. Normally this probably would be really boring for me, but I am really and honestly enjoying this show. I look around and people seem to be enjoying it as well, but their facial expressions are like before, sad. I see a few tears. Maybe this is from what the performers are singing, I don't know but most everyone there is still sad, and tearing up.

I then start to get tired. Not really sure why, because like I said I am really enjoying this. I again peek around at the others in their seats and they look to be getting tired as well. Some of the older members of the crowd have actually fallen asleep. I keep looking around but still am enjoying this great show, the performer singing away, me being tired or not doesn't seem to matter. I notice one of the vents near the ceiling is blowing air out. Now, I don't know when ventilation systems started back 200+ years ago, but there they were, letting something into the air. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to notice. Nobody panicked, nobody said anything, and I didn't either.

The show continues. Most people are asleep. A few of the more distinguished looking older gentlemen are awake, watching the show like I am, tears in their eyes, yet they have almost a smile. Their smiles are like before, just more noticeable, like they know that their time is up, while sad to have it be the end, have lived a great life and have accepted their fate.

I still stay. Sitting in my same chair from the beginning. No panic. Just waiting, enjoying the show. Then the performers start to fall asleep one by one. The main performer, a male with a white wig on is still signing. Singing, crying. It's amazing. He finishes the show, and it's over. The lights come on just slightly, still rather dim. I am not sure if that last performer is asleep, dead, or what. Then the few remaining people left awake start clapping as one. I look back to the stage and this beat up, torn, extremely vintage looking American Flag comes rising onto the stage. I fall asleep. Am I dead? I have no idea whatt's happening to me or anyone else. But I stay calm, then don't remember anything else.

Big and beautiful theater. Amazingly romantic show. Everyone including me asleep... I think.



To me I can only assume that my time in the theater was me in the hospital. Bunch of people I didn't know. Perhaps some knew their fate, some didn't know anything, some sleeping or unaware. Perhaps the performers were my Doctors and nurses, me unable to understand what they were trying to tell me. Not sure why this dream took place so long ago, I have other dreams in that time period, most of which are bloody and scary, but still patriotic.

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