Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oscar the Grouch

While I was recovering in Bethezda I had a bunch of screwy shit going on in my head. I mentioned in a previous post that I have seen people that were not there and that messed with my head quite a bit but I began realizing that it wasn't real. I thought I saw several objects in my room as well. Sarah told me I kept "seeing" a blue man character on top of my TV. I don't remember this little blue man but apparently he was there a lot. I do however recall thinking I saw two different objects. One was an electrical outlet up on the wall above the TV. This outlet would move, the plug-ins would interchange and kind of dance into its new place. There were four plug-ins and I would try and guess where each one would move or 'dance' to. I am not sure that I ever guessed correctly. While I was watching this outlet I noticed the clock as well. The long and short hands were fuzzy little puppets. Little puppets like you would see on Sesame Street. Don't ask, no idea lol. This half puppet clock knew I was watching and would try to trick me with the time and try to only move when I wasn't watching. Nurses and Doctors would come in and I would keep a watchful eye on this clock. I think I told one of them once but got ignored. I did tell Sarah about the clock and the outlet and she broke the news to me that I was crazy. Well she was nice about it but soon started to say that I had to stop saying that I was seeing things that weren't there and if I kept it up the Doctors would give me more medicine. I always wanted as little medicine as possible while I was there because it made me over tired and feel like crap. She then told me that if I thought that I saw something like the clock move with fuzzy characters I should tell them to go away. Talk to them and tell them they are not real and to go away and don't come back. It started to work, when I was alone in my room and I saw these things I would tell them they were not real and to go away. It worked well on the outlet because that sight went away pretty quickly. I don't think the clock and its fuzzy characters liked this idea. The clock would only move its fuzzy hands when someone was in the room, cause it knew if I said anything the Doctors would give me medicine and I would start seeing things and the clocks friend - the outlet - would be back. I was in a bad position because I knew I couldn't say anything while people were in there but that was the only time it would mess with me. As the days passed it got better, I didn't see fake things in my room as much and even if I did I wouldn't say anything to it or to anyone. That damn clock would still try to mess with me and I began to have flashbacks or even déjà vu about a similar clock in one of my school classrooms. I never could figure out what class I thought I saw it in but that's probably good especially since I wasn't on drugs in school lol. Even today I remember vividly the clock and the outlet and how they would dance and move around. Stupid! We talk about things like this quite a bit and she can laugh now, saying that it was probably good that she didn't know how messed up I was and that it was good that I kept most of my visions to myself or I would have ended up on the 4th floor.. Which apparently was where the crazies were :)


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