Monday, October 20, 2014

Hospital(s) pictures.

This is all a little sloppy, but I don't really know WTF I'm doing even though this took me better parts of two entire days. Very strange to go over this and to see the shape(s) I was in. Some pictures and all the video's wouldn't download and they are not in chronological order. Sorry. Enjoy what I have....

Day 1 at Westfields in New Richmond. Blue jeans and tennis shoes, both of which fit differently now.

Still at Westfields with Ryan. Don't really remember this.

I guess I wanted some sunlight.

Felt like shit.

Trying to breathe as best as can through this but it was tough and couldn't get much out of it. This vest would rattle my chest with the hopes of clearing out my lungs.

I am at Regions here. It is my little St. Patrick's Day celebration. Don't really remember this either.                            

I think they are checking my lungs here, and/or bronchoscopy at the U of M. 

This was right after they took me off the ECMO machine

Me & wifey

Sleeping and super sick at Regions

This here is a cooling blanket at Regions

Not the tree that I prefer! Both of these at Regions

They needed to try something to get me better, so I was moved onto my belly. This is called pronation. The very last resort they had at Regions.

Really starting to swell up. U of M on ECMO The dark red tube is deoxygenated blood and the bright/lighter color red is oxygenated blood going back into my body.

Thanks for the awesome shave job...

Feeding tube picture. Goes through my nose and stomach down to my small intestine.

Some of the meds at U of M

This is my savior (one of many) the ECMO machine.

Looking good! Not.

Killer stockings.

Those god damn boots.

Blood in...dialysis for kidney failure

Blood out..

Golly gee, wonder why my feet kill!

If you look closely, you will see my head..

Yep, there it is. 

Inside of my bronchial tree. (Inside of my lungs) during a bronchoscopy

Last time I was healthy, I think..

Shamrock plant. I wanted to drink out of it. It was kind of special none-the-less.

One to many to count..

Holy crap I'm fat!!

Hold on... :)

Looks comfortable.

I'm no Doc, but cloudy is bad.


Look at my neck. Oofta.

Few less shit on me. But I think this is the first picture of whatever is in my neck.. trachea 


Hey, I'm sitting up! (with help:)


I am pretty sure this is where I am getting transferred to the chair. I'm really messed up and I have no idea. 

Rash from allergic reaction..



My nose is free! (but I have no idea)

Awake! Slightly stoned..

Suup man...

On way to Bethezda. Think I tried kicking my way out of the ambulance.

I have a baby!! 6 days old...?

Both resting :)


Still fat lol.

Don't remember this. My hand look large!

No I'm not dead here.

Sitting up, still not on my own!

Not sure of this one either, but it's for rehab. I had know idea what I needed rehab for, I just wanted to sleep.


Wake up!

Ok kids, don't do drugs. Although I'm not as fat here now lol.

See above.

I'm not sure who you are with the camera but yo, whassup?

Hey, a baby!?!

Sir, this is not my bed..

Um.. Amen?

Ok, ok, I'll stop asking about your watch.

Hey, I'm sitting! Where the F am I!?

John Kuhn autographed Super Bowl Jersey...somewhere..

Yeah, right here!

Kids... Don't smoke crack.

See above.

Sup bra!

Whoa.. not me!

DUDE, I'm going to kill that big red ball.

This I do remember, and it was harder than hell !

Holy mother of all that's holy, I'm standing!! (with a dude and two handle bars and about to crash, but who's counting!!)

Um, this is not my Harley??

Aww.. my Packer blanky :)

Look at the spider!!

Oh, guess not.

Dude, that IS a spider, and I can't walk!

Fresh hair cut. Several scars. With baby Scarlett and packer blanky. 

Real food! They put dye in it to see if I was going to aspirate into my lungs or if I could swallow it.
Gross. But hey, look at the sunflower!

I don't remember how to play this game, but look at my hands! WTF. 

Me and Ryan!! Finally! And kids....

...Don't do drugs.


Hey! New diet.. not recommended. 


Yes, I am wearing a diaper. Hi Glenn!

Making progress :)

Very strange..

This is tough...

This isn't..

Yes, I do have a pink fan.

You want me to do what?? But i got new digs..

More hair than me...

...oh well :)

Going home!!

Later that night.. I look a little confused lol. Probably cause I was!!

I promise E-Mey that was my last water with you, haha..

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