Thursday, October 30, 2014

Battle of...

So I am not sure where these dreams take place at, but for whatever reason, I feel like I am on the southern east coast somewhere, maybe even close to a beach. It is cold though, possibly it is winter, I am unsure, but I do know it is a long time ago. I have had other dreams where they were taking place somewhere around the Revolutionary War time, like the one about the movie theater. But this is different. Each of these dreams I am always laying down on some sort of hard bed or even a table and one time I was a a cement slab. I am freezing cold, but can barely move and can't keep myself warm. I am only wearing a gown, like a hospital gown, but I am not in a hospital. I am usually in a house, shed, barn or some type of room with only one window and there is a female with me who is trying to wake me up. She is telling me and shaking me and insisting that I need to get up, and I need to fight as they were coming. She never would explain who was coming or what they wanted, but I needed to wake up and prepare for a fight, for our lives. There are now others in the room and they are looking out the window and saying it's time to go, to leave me there because I would only slow them down. Who the heck is outside? Our room is now nearly surrounded and our time is about out. I just cannot move enough to go with and can really not even get up off of my back.
     These people outside are now outside the door trying to get in, breaking the windows and slamming the door with whatever they had trying to knock it down to get inside. I am not sure where the others went, or even how many there are of us but I am still laying down and this lady is still here, crying and crying and pulling on me almost off onto the ground and then they get in. For whatever reason, for whatever strength I had remaining I reach my feet and start fighting. This girl and I are beating them back however we could, picking up their weapons and fighting them, killing them, and driving them out, but more and more keep coming. It was almost like every time another came in that we killed we got stronger and stronger and were killing everyone in sight, blood is flying all around and we are standing on top of the dead just fighting back. Either we now have killed them all or they have retreated, but we are the only two left in this room. That's not dead at least, and the few remaining holding on to life we would finish them off too. This fight was now over, and I collapse to the ground and pass out.
     I wake up and I am in a bed. Apparently in a home. An old home, like really old, but beautiful. I had to be at an important or rich person's home. The light in the room was by candlelight and the sheets were linen in the bed that I was in. People were talking in a room outside of mine. It was more yelling about something but I couldn't tell what. I look around and then at myself, I am still in my gown but have some really old hand made pants on up past my ankles. And I was covered in blood. Thick blood everywhere was almost caked into my skin, it looked black. I could still barely move.
     The yelling in the room next to me was getting louder and clearer and I could hear some of it was about me. I felt just enough strength to get up off this bed and see if I could make it to the room and see what was happening. There was an old wooden, nicely constructed cane by the bed and I grabbed that and used it to help stagger to the room. I walked through the door and everyone went silent. The lady that I was fighting with earlier was sitting in the corner, all cleaned up, but still sad. Someone spoke up and asked who I was and where I am from. I..I.. I, guess I don't know..? That's a good question, who the hell am I and where am I and what is going on I asked. They all looked around in even more confusion and this guy yells out, "then there is no way we can trust him!" I am thinking trust me for what? This lady stands up and says, "but he fought, he fought with me and we killed a bunch of them!" Another man says that it doesn't mean he's with us, he could be with somebody else. Then the huge front door swings open and it's boy who screams out, "they are coming!" Then everyone drops what they are doing and they open up these closets and secret doors through-out this large house and they all grab a bunch of guns. I don't know much about guns, but they are old guns with gun powder. They grab tons of guns and other weapons and pack up their things and run out the door. I ask this girl who I fought with and she tells me we are in Virginia and that the war has been long fought and we don't know who we can trust and if we can win. I asked who we were fighting and she just looked at me confused and said we had to go before they got to the house. But, it was too late, they were back, and I lost all my strength again and fell over. I didn't have anything left.
     The house, like before is now under attack again and this time it is on fire. I am on my back trying to stay awake but all I can do is look up and around at this room in this house. It was bigger than I thought. Had to be a mansion. Who's house is this I still wondered even more now. I looked at the ceiling and there were huge paintings hanging all around and there were more all over the walls and more paintings of people and faces that looked familiar. There were a few statues I saw as well and a bunch of flags. Very old American flags. Beautiful blue American flags with a few stars and a few stripes on them. This same girl is back, again trying to get me up, dragging me closer and closer to the door but I am too weak. I told her I couldn't get up and to save herself. She kept pulling at me and slapping my face so I wouldn't fall asleep but nothing would work, and then the room begins getting engulfed in fire and smoke and the house is falling apart.
     I try one last time to get off my butt and at least to my knees to crawl out of this place. I can move a few feet but am still a long ways from getting out. The gunfire is loud outside and people are screaming and crying and dying. Even if I get out of here, where would I go? I crawl a few more feet and get to the door with this dedicated gal pulling me up from my shoulder, and then I fall to my face. I'm done. "Go," I said with my weakest voice and maybe my last breath. Then something falls while on fire and hits me in the head and I am knocked out.
     I start coming through, but everything is cloudy, and loud. I can hardly see anything. I think I am outside now, and it is during the day but it is really foggy out and the loud noise I hear is gunfire from every direction and explosions all around and near me. Then I realize that the fog is actually smoke, and I am outside, I am in some dirt field, laying down in a ditch or something similar. I try getting to my knees and moving somewhere, anywhere to see where I was. But I had no idea of any direction let alone where to go. I struggle on the ground for what felt like hours until I am grabbed from behind. I am hoping it is this girl that has been helping me, but as I turn around it is one guy with a rifle and another guy next to him with another rifle and he asks who I am. I didn't know, but I said that I was with them. Not sure if they believed me or not but they grabbed me and pulled me away, telling me to get up but I couldn't so I wasn't sure if they were pulling me to safety or to harm. I get to this place that seemed a little more safe and a guy comes up with pulled back pony tail and asks who I am. Again, I say I don't know and I don't know where I am. He then says that I'm worthless and for them to kill me. Whoa, wait! Is there anything I can do to prove you I am not the bad guy!? He walks close to my face in front of his man ready to shoot me in the head and grabs some old papers from his pocket and says angrily, "sure, show me where these are and you can live!" and he begins walking away and says kill him. I say I do know where they are! Everyone freezes. I look around and say, I just saw everything on your paper at the home I was last at. He comes back at me and says prove it. So as best I can I begin to describe what I saw, paintings, faces, flags, etc. The men all look around in amazement. "Show me this house." Well, I woke up here, I don't know anything that is going on or where I am, I don't even know who I am. I only know this lady has tried to help me while we have fought off others while her people felt I wasn't trusted. But I did however, see this room, full of those images on your papers. What does it mean, I asked.. They look around some more and he grabs me and pulls me over to this hill. He pulls me carefully up this sandy hill and says to keep my head down but to look across the field. Explosions are still going on everywhere around us. I look up and try to see across all the smoke and fire at this rubble. I say that I don't see anything. He yells for me to look again, so I look, squinting to see what he's talking about and then I see on top of this rubble the same things I saw in his pages. Except more, but they were broken and torn and on fire or already burnt. A few stood out, almost like billboards: an American flag, a picture of a man on a horse and a large metal Budweiser sign (don't ask:) and then it started to hit me. I am somehow stuck in a war between America and whoever we were fighting, I am only assuming the British, but I kept quiet as I didn't want to seem crazy. 
     I am not quite sure who I was with or what fight we were in or any plan, but this group of men had seemed to change their mood and looked at me like I had made some difference. Like they suddenly had a goal in sight, instead of fighting blindly. I didn't know what else to do but to go along with them, as besides anything else I knew, I at least was American! Let's Go! I soon learn some of the strategy and how they now knew that we could win. Whatever I saw in the paper from this guy and from whatever was across the field had a connection, and we had to get there. By boat.. (don't ask:)
     The rest of my dream was us fighting to get to this boat, and each part of the way I would get a little bit stronger, stronger and stronger to where I could now walk on my own and then was eventually given a rifle as well. Also, as every step we got closer we would see more and more American symbols: some of which were in this home I saw, some I remember from my time and place, or at least what I saw in my history books or on TV. A few days later we got to this boat. There were many, many more of us now and we were all determined to get on the boat (ship) and get to that rubble across the field (water). This is where this dream ends. I have others similar, but this was all I can remember of this one. I don't know a lot of what this one means. Well, I am sure that the girl was Sarah, fighting for me, struggling to get me to go with her, fighting together. I don't know where she went after the house fire.. maybe to go have our baby lol. I don't know who the others were in the dream or even who we were really fighting as nobody's face was familiar and I am not sure where we were going. I 'think' that the painted face we saw pictures of was President Washington, but I am not sure. Maybe the house I was at was the house that burnt down before the White House was built... Who knows, or why the hell I dreamed that. Maybe I was just bored in my dream and needed some excitement without any monsters or whores or Russians :)
Hope you enjoyed..


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