Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mall Doctor Appointment

I had a dream in the hospital where I was at an appointment for some procedure. Never really could put a finger on to where I was or what I was doing there exactly but it was at a mall style building complex where the waiting room was on one floor and the doctors office was upstairs. I was there with Sarah and she had to convince me to go like it was good for me to be there for whatever reason. She had some shopping to do and was to leave me there and come pick me up when I was ready. Ok, so I don't know if this was because all the new blood being transfused into me while being sick or what, but in my dream I could control my blood. More specifically I could control the temperature of my blood to where I could get it hot enough to burn someone by touching me or I could do the same to whatever I touched as well. Now I'm not going to go as far as Stephen King's 'Firestarter' ability, but if I concentrated enough I could mess some shit up or maybe even kill someone. Ok, so back to my appointment. I didn't want to be there, but Sarah knew best and knew that I needed to be there for therapy or whatever it was that I was there for. I was sick, weak and in a wheelchair, but I wasn't completely out of it. So I get called in and the nurse lady starts doing her check ups on me and I start getting really uncomfortable, anxious and nervous. She was going to do a blood draw and I stopped her, saying I wanted to be done and leave. She got upset and grabbed my arm and said she had to do this and it would be better and easier if I just relaxed. I could feel my blood temperature rising although I tried to hold it back, she felt the heat on her hand and jerked it away, but she also gave me a big crazy smile like she found what she was looking for and called in another lady to help secure me in my chair and put restraints on me. I tried getting to my phone to call Sarah but I just couldn't as I was too weak to fend off these two ladies. The Doctor came in next and started to tell me that he was only here to help and that I would be better off with his help which is why his nurses were forceful with me. He said if I wanted to leave, he would personally call Sarah and I could go. I said that I wanted to leave and to call my wife. He did, and shortly after I was untied and Sarah came in wondering why I wanted to leave. I said that I wanted to talk in private so we did and I told her that they were trying to hurt me and they want my blood for something. Sarah tried calming me down saying they were just running tests and the blood draw was scheduled and that everything would be fine. She said we could leave if I really wanted to but it would be weeks before we would be able to come back in. But, she also said she told the nurses that if she found out I was telling the truth there would be hell to pay. I reluctantly listened to her and believed her, feeling that maybe I was just overly medicated and paranoid, and realized the Doctor was actually nice to me, so I decided to give it one more try. Sarah said she would wait out side the door and to let her know if I needed anything. I went back in and the first nurse lady had the told-you-so shit grin going on and proceeded to draw my blood. Soon after the Doctor came back with the results and he was overly happy. I didn't understand what was going on as they didn't tell me anything or why. I then received some sort of shot that was really making me drowsy and I was afraid it was going to knock me out. The Doctor told his nurses to get my wife. I was really confused and I think I passed out for awhile as when I looked up they had Sarah in an exam chair and were about to give her a shot or draw blood or something I couldn't tell, but I yelled out Stop! I guess I came through sooner than they had hoped as they came to tie me up with more restraints as well as holding Sarah in her chair. They began to try and do some type of procedure on my inner legs, almost like some sort of tattoo on my groin or lord knows what. Sarah got upset and said to stop and it was time to leave. They ignored her and kept on prepping me up for whatever they had in mind. Apparently this office underestimated the degree of hell they were about to get from pissing off my wife as she looked at me and told me to get loose, it was time to go. Roger that honey! So, I started boiling up the temperature of my blood and I was soon too hot for them to touch me. The Doctor now in a panic and getting all aggressive called in for back up but Sarah had managed to trip him and managed to get free from the nurses yelling at them about how she should have trusted me. Now the room is packed full of this office's staff has all gone crazy and they are trying to kill us. Every time these people tried to grab me they would get burnt but that only made them stronger and crazier. Sarah is behind me now and has my restraints untied and tells me to stop messing around and to get us out of here now before we are killed. She starts pushing my wheelchair towards the door and I feel like I have lava flowing through me, so I would grab anyone I could and hold them long enough until they would burst out on fire and burn to death. Each
person I grabbed went faster and faster to thier fiery death until the last person standing was the
Doctor. He told me that if we leave we will only be found again and they will get what they want. Sarah swears back to him that today's not the day and it won't be you, then says F you, you're dead too and then says my name. I look him in the eyes and steam is coming off my bald head and I'm sweating purfusly as the Doc starts to scream in pain and hold his hands up to his face as his head starts on fire. Then we leave. We felt content with ourselves, like we made a great team and had each others back. (Minus the multiple homocides:)
I had other dreams spawned off from this one, and I remembered a couple others while writing this. Was strange dream in the fact that I was in my coma and knew nothing that was going on, like blood transfusions, being in a wheelchair, and doctor appointments. 

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  1. We make a pretty HOT team in real life and your dreams!!!