Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garth Brooks

      As a young kid I remember listening to Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Parton, the Oak Ridge Boys and a few other country artists. For about the next ten years, however, I really disliked country music. Then in the early 90's, right around getting into high school I heard of this Garth dude. Garth... Really? Well I thought I'd give him a try. I really fell for 'The Thunder Rolls' and always watched this video on MTV of all places. I didn't have cable at home back then but spent a lot of time at my friend Chad's house where when we weren't outside doing something active we would be inside watching TV including a lot of music videos and eating pizza. I swear this video was in the top ten for the entire year!
    Didn't totally get into country music the next few years but I still paid some attention to Garth. He was quite the entertaining artist and I think I bought a CD of his, or maybe it was still a cassette tape lol. Then I remember many, many after bars in the late 90's including watching his live performance at Central Park with Billy Joel. That was super cool. Thanks Don!
     The last indoor concert I was at was the Kid Rock-Metallica concert in '98(?) at the Metrodome(?). This will be a little different, as I don't suspect having cases of beer in our hotel room bathtub, nearly falling down the stairs at the concert, missing the opening show because we were at like our tenth bar, and several other things that this post is Not rated for :)
     I'm looking forward to this concert and I know Sarah is super, uber excited. I am by no means a cowboy, will not be chewing snuff, wearing tight jeans or a cowboy hat, but I do expect to enjoy this day. We have his 'live in Vegas' show on DVDS and that is really cool, and I suspect this will be just as fun and even better.o


(10/7/14) Just getting back now, it was an awesome show!!

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