Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reoccurring Dreams...

I decided to change the title of this post from Freddy Krueger to Reoccurring Dreams.

Ever have those reoccurring dreams? Maybe where you are running from something or someone trying to get to a safer place and you just can't ever seem to get there? Maybe because you are stuck in the mud, or your legs aren't working or it's just too far away? I've had these, but have never been 'caught' as far as I can recall. Another dream I have had over and over coincide with my job throughout the years. I'm at work behind the bar (pick a bar lol) and its busy. Super busy. And nothing seems to be stocked or everything seems to run out but people just keep coming in, by the dozens, piling up on each other ordering drinks and food. The shift has just started and place is packed and a mess, and I know I have a good ten hours ahead of me before I can even clean. Then nobody leaves, so busy it takes 3 or 4 hours to get people to leave after bar close and the cops say it's ok to keep serving and serving. Wouldn't call it a nightmare but I have had this dream numerous times throughout my years. I do believe dreams have meanings behind them. While my busy bar dreams seems relatively easy to figure out, others may not be so simple.

Case in point:

     Theses dreams I had were after being in my coma. I was somewhat aware and knew a little of what was going on with me and where I was. I was in Bethezda recovering, I had yet to start any rehab so my muscles were extremely weak so I couldn't move much at all. But when I slept I had several dreams and in this case I had this dream three times, each just a little different. In the first two I died, and in the last one I lived. But, it wasn't just me who was dying, it was everyone, in the world. I am not for certain if the killers were zombies, or vampires or some mutated something or what, but they were out to end human life. The thing was though, as soon as all our lives ended, we would start all over. We would start where we left off as far as age, communication and family, but there was nothing else on Earth besides normal nature. It was up to us as humans to find a way to grow again. And if we didn't do it correctly it was just a matter of time before we would be wiped out all over again and have to start over from scratch yet again. What a mind screw that would be, huh. Just imagine.. Everyone in the world started from scratch, other than what we knew, remembered or could retell to make the world great. It didn't get deep into politics or religion or war, medicine or computers, just basically living and figuring out how to live again. As it turns out, it was my job to let the world know about sports. Apparently that's my genius side lol. I didn't ever talk to the others, but I knew there were some out there that had the same burden as me, to let the world know how it was and what we need to remember and teach our children. However, I felt the best step was to not allow this to happen in the first place and to defend ourselves! But as I am laying almost helpless in my hospital bed the only thing I could remotely protect was myself. But I needed help. Selfish, sorry.
     Most people didn't realize what was happening and why everyone was dying around us, but apparently I knew, and I tried telling my nurses. I was in some sort of assistant living apartment where nurses and doctors would watch and care for me and visitors were infrequent. The first nurse wouldn't listen to me, granted I couldn't really talk as I had my trachea making it nearly impossible but I could whisper some, warning her of what was going to happen if we didn't do something. Well, strange I know, but she thought I was crazy and put my to sleep. When I woke up (still sleeping/dreaming) she was gone and most of the lights in my apartment were out. My TV was still on and I was watching a football game and I started trying to remember as much as I could about the history of the sport in case this was the night I was killed. Then the front window breaks and in come 'the bad guys' whoever they were. I tried calling for my nurse but I am sure she was dead and I tried to get away, well this was pointless as I had nowhere to go even if I could. Then it happened, they killed me, dead. Well, here is my second chance now I guess, as I am in the same position in the same room, but my nurse was new. Again I tried telling this one what was about to happen and that it already did once, and surprisingly, not, she thought I was crazy too and put me to sleep as well. Ok so this time after I came through I decided to do as much research as fast as possible on sports, and as a homer would be, most of my research was on who I liked or respected as professional athletes
growing up. I tried to get as much as I could from Lombardi to Barry Sanders to Aaron Rodgers,
Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle to Barry Bonds to Ryan Braun, Wilt Chamberlain to Jordan to Lebron
and even Gretzky and Tiger. I tried to remember as much as I could as quickly as possible so I could
do my duty to spread the knowledge of sports history to the world so us and our children could grow knowing the past, even after we all died off. Well, again the bad guys broke in and again I was watching sports on TV and I tried getting away but I couldn't and I was killed again. This time seemed worse and more painful for whatever reason and it also really scared the shit out of me more than the first time. Ok, so now I'm back again, this time I know my nurse. He has helped me before and I am concentrating on telling him the truth and getting him to help us all survive. He wouldn't belive me but he would actually listen. Maybe because he knew what I've went through and while highly sick and even higher medicated he knew I wasn't actually crazy. He didn't do much at first just listened. This went on for two days. I thought I was getting him somewhere on believing me and helping and we could fight back together. Well the lights started to get dim in my room and it was night out, this is when my nurse started getting nervous. Maybe he actually believed what was happening around the world and that it was coming to the end. He reluctantly came to me and asked what I wanted to do. I wish I could remember what I really wanted to do, can only assume it was to leave and go someplace safer and get word out that things were true, but I don't recall. I just know that he didn't want to do anything but wait. Wait until the lights came back on and move along his day. I did what I could to grab his arm and whisper as loudly as I could 'yelling' that if he left this room he would die and so would I and the world as we knew it would as well. He was about to give me shot to relax me and put me to sleep when windows down the hall started breaking. We heard people screaming and dying and he quickly went and locked the doors. He came back to my bed and said he believed me now and asked what to do. I'm thinking too late dipshit, but I tried to stay focused. I mean, hey, maybe 3 strikes and I really am out, no coming back. We tried to start a fire to set off the sprinkler system but that didn't stop anything, they were getting closer and closer and were at the door now trying to break in. It was loud and scary and my nurse was panicking as much as me. Just as they broke the door down I grabbed him with all my strength and collapsed the bed curtains around us, covering us up and I yelled to him do it!! I guess he knew what I meant because he
knocked the hoses off one of the medical tanks which ignited and blew the apartment up, everyone
inside included, besides us. He finally believed me and at the last minute he saved me and himself
and all of us!

I never had the dream again. The next time I saw this nurse (for real) I called him over and thanked him. I really did. He looked confused of course, and I couldn't talk well, but I thanked him and gave him a thumbs up. He said you're welcome but asked why. I didn't try to explain, but just told him that he saved me, thanks for believing me. Yeah, crazy :) plus I don't know if hospital room tanks blow up like that but hey, sue me lol.

Like I said before at the beginning of this post, dreams make sense more times than not, at least for me. I like to think about what my dreams were and what they could mean throughout my life. I don't always come up with the answer, and wouldn't know if I were right or wrong, I believe though that it is helpful for me. This dream..?  I'm not sure. I do know some nurses were more helpful than others and took great care of me and my family while I recovered. Angels!?!

So next time that creeper down the road says they dated the Queen of France, danced on the moon or invented the shovel, maybe they just need to be heard. Maybe there is a hidden message they are telling you. Or call the cops cause they are whacked and we don't need that shit :)


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