Monday, November 3, 2014

High Blood Pressure

Saw two of my Doctors last week and been on the phone with the third and been trying to figure out the best route to go with me as far as my medications go. I started weening off two of them and started two completely new ones in an effort to help with my neurology. For awhile I thought I had improved in a lot of ways, now I'm just extra tired, been sweating easily and am just flat out of energy and my feet have been really sore and have a heavy feeling as well. The Cymbalta medicine I started about a month ago apparently is not supposed to be taken with my newer Zoloft and was told to stop it immediately. This combination could cause seizures and high BP and death. Fun. Then another says to hold off on another and to wait until we reevaluate my meds. So which is it lol. I went to bed last night by ten and didn't really do anything productive until after 3:00 PM which was after two naps anyway. Now I'm about ready for bed again at 6:00. I know the change in weather and more so the change in time can affect people and moods but I never have noticed this before. I mean many times in my life I worked nights at the bar and it would be dark before even going in, which I usually liked, I mean I didn't usually like being at work when it was nice and sunny out! I'm trying to adjust to NOT being a night person and do more during the day, and I'm rather enjoying it. Sarah checked my BP when she got home and it was higher than normal so hopefully that gets better soon.
I don't really have much else to say right now, just needed to vent sometimes I guess.
I'll be back to my normal posting soon, thanks for your patience! And for listening!
Been a few days now since I've written anything so I thought I better check in :)


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