Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This beautiful little girl of mine is quite the special blessing. She is a wonderful treat to see her everyday and watching her grow. I feel her love all the time. Seems like a long, long 7 years ago when Ryan was this age. Because of everything that has happened I get to spend way more time with Scarlett than I was able to with Ryan. I am sure I have tripled the amount of diapers I changed in my life now and it's not all bad, I mean the smells can be near devastating to my nostrils but she is usually rather cooperative in helping in the process. She is very close to crawling and actually can go backwards which is funny to watch. She travels around in her play walker like a 3 year old would walk and knows where she wants to go.
I can't believe how much my two kids love each other. They hold hands and Ryan tries to teach her how to hug. I'm in no hurry having her grow up any quicker as I really am enjoying being able to hold her in my arms and have her sleep with me and be such a cuddle bug. Sometimes she has a little attitude but it usually is overly dramatic and comical as she, well usually gets what she wants anyway! She's been saying "dadda" for a good month now. I'm sure it's just sounds but hey, I am not going to argue! Sarah was looking at some pictures on the computer the other day and one of them was a picture of just me at our wedding and Scarlett looks and says "dadda" and that was super cute.
I feel like we have a connection in the time we have been in this world together. She was learning how to deal with life outside her 9 month home and sleeping all the time. I was a totally different person who was trying to learn to talk, walk, swallow, etc. I awoke from my slumber and missed her Birth day by 6 days. Hopefully she doesn't hold that against me when she gets older :)  I can see her being 16 and ask to borrow the maxi-van to go hang out with her friends and to use twitter10.4 or whatever those crazy kids will be doing then and I'll be like, 'baby girl it's a school night, so I'm sorry but no you can't borrow the maxi-van tonight, maybe tomorrow.' And she would be like, 'Dad, stop acting so dope, you are sooo un-cool, I'm almost an adult, besides remember that time you slept for 6 days when I was born?' Then I'd cry and be like, 'here's the keys, be safe with the maxi-van and tweet me later, and don't tell Mom.' And she'd be like, 'can I take the porche?' Lol. 
Anyway. Love this little princess and so happy to have her in my life and an awesome addition to the family. 


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