Friday, November 7, 2014

New Daily Medicine

This week has been one of recovering for me. Last week flat out sucked. I didn't know what was going on with me. I was super extra tired with no energy and my feet hurt more than they had in over a month. I was getting those shooting pains back in my lower legs and feet, I was sweating at strange times and I was a little more grouchy than normal and I cried my eyes out twice. I asked Sarah if any of my pills had estrogen in them! Well, like I said, this past few days this week have been much improved, and my family has mentioned that I seem way better in every way including my color. I guess I must have been going through withdrawals. Fun! I'm weening off my pain pills and my gabapentin for my nerve pain and I think that is a major factor. I perhaps ran my course through them and they probably were not doing anything for me anymore and were only causing side effects. For one, my peeing is getting back to normal, not having to wait and wait for it to happen the last few days has been a nice change. Duh. I'm really hoping that this change in med's will help me out and make me feel better, although I am still prepared for my feet not heeling for several months or longer still. This pain and numbness doesn't help my balance so I use my cane and or hold Sarah's hand most of the time while walking still. I just need to make sure I don't miss taking any of my med's because it throws me off for at least a day. We see my neurologist again on Tuesday next week I believe. So...

As of Tuesday:

6:00 AM (3x daily)
Hydrocodone (Vicodin) - 325 mg 1.5 pills
Gabapentin - 600 mg .5 pill
Sunday I am lowing my Hydrocodone to 1 pill and quitting Gabapentin for each 3 dosages.

10:00 AM
Daily Vitamin - 1 pill
Vitamin C - 1 pill
Intraconazole 100 mg 2 pills (need to take for at least 1 year)
Potassium - 20 mg 1 pill
Cymbalta (anti-depression and pain) - 20 mg 2 pills
Lyrica (anti-depression) - 50 mg 1 pill
Vitamin D3 1 pill (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday only)

2:00 PM
Hydrocodone 1.5
Gabapentin .5
(Same: lowering and quitting)

10:00 PM
Vitamin C - 1 pill
Intraconazole 2 pills
Potassium - 1 pill
Citrizine (allergy for Intraconazole) - 1 pill
Hydrocodone - 1.5 pills
Gabapentin - .5 pill
Cymbalta - 2 pills
Lyrica - 1 pill

Another "better" thing now is I am taking med's 4 times a day instead of 5 before.
I do not feel depressed by the way. Never really have. Granted, this isn't fun of course and things sure have been tough in many ways. But I do not feel overwhelmed or anxious or stressed and really not depressed. Yes, I get tired, and getting outside and enjoying say the grass on my feet is tough on me, but that is more because it hurts than not wanting to go outside. My doctors and some family have recommend taking some med's for this to be on the safe side, so I figured I better so I don't go do something stupid :-)
Read an article this morning that showed all this cases of mainly minors who were on prescription pills that went whacky and that kind of freaked me out. But don't worry folks, I'm normal.. unless you know me lol.

Feeling better and always blessed,


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