Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This ain't no Bates Motel

This past Sunday we went to the Packer game at TCF Bank field and we spent the night next door at the hotel that Sarah spent many nights at while I was in the hospital. I think it is called The Commons, but maybe it has a technical name or whatever, but it was a little strange regardless. I mean she would stay there, 9 months pregnant while wondering how I would be the next day; alive, dead, worse, better, or if I would wake up in time to be there for Scarlett being born. She was born in New Richmond, and I didn't wake until 6 days after that. There were more times that Sarah and Scarlett would stay at this hotel now, waiting for me to come through. Finally, of course, I did. I'm not sure why I had a funny feeling in my belly being there, as I never have been to this hotel before or had even heard of it. Even after I woke up and had learned that she spent some nights there, I had my own visions of this hotel and dreams of what it was like to have been there. Not sure if my dreams or Sarah's reality was worse. I mean the hotel was very nice, clean, had free shuttle service, lobby with computer access and a restaurant as well as an Applebee's all inside thier doors. But as I know my wife, I know how difficult it would have been to either go all the way back to New Richmond and be in our empty home, or stay in an unfamiliar hotel with nobody she knew around while carrying a baby, pre and post birth. My dreams of course tended to be whacky, scary, and although I didn't know it at the time, untrue. I mean I thought there were 3 people out to kill me. I couldn't figure out why they wanted to, as they even felt some remorse in knowing they were supposed to, and while they tried multiple times, they didn't succeed in doing so, they 'only' whooped my ass multiple times and scared the living hell out of me. I soon had false memories of them not being able to find me but they knew that Sarah was staying at a near by hotel and we're going to go after her to try and get to me. Messed up, I know, and I have a more detailed story about that but I have decided to save it for another time. I think maybe this was in the back of my mind while we were there Sunday night. Huge thanks to family members who would visit her there, instead of always at the hospital. Granted, they visited me too, but she was there every day, and she needed to get away at least some of the time before she lost all her marbles. But she kept it together and even got released early after having Scarlett needing to come see me and hoping that having our new baby girl in my hospital room could help me. It had to have! Lots of things will trigger strange memories, lots of things will remind me of my dreams whether false or actual dreams. Lots of things will make me quest what happened, why it did, why it didn't, or timeframes of specifics. Most of these are helpful in remembering things, although the majority of my memories are no fun to relive. We may never stay there again, but if we do, I think I will have more of the same strange feelings in my belly that time as well. 


P.S. Yes the Packers won!!

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