Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stadium Living

I remember having this dream while in my coma where I was really sick and staying in the basement of Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox. Attached to the field was a catholic church. The basement was basically the back room of the home team's locker room, so I could hear the games and hear everything that went on in the locker room, including team prayers from the neighboring priests. After every game was a big party, every single night, even with the priests. Nights would go into the early hours of the morning all the time. Most of the players would finish partying here at the Park and then go out downtown. These guys would come back to the park drunker than hell every night and sleep until right before they took the field. I always wondered if they went to Cheers lol. It was either Spring or Fall because it was cold, but the players seemed to be partying like it was Fall and maybe even the playoffs. The basement was a shit hole. Lights rarely worked, water would drip everywhere, and most of the players slept there.

Like I said I was super sick in my dream here and could really not get out of my bed to do much at all. I remember times when it would get so loud inside late at night that the cops would come and knock on the front door and everyone would hide. They were not very good at hiding because they couldn't stop laughing. This was comical to me because I've been that drunken idiot once or many times that I thought things were funny when they were not, even if it was serious. I used to get so scared because I wasn't doing anything wrong and didn't want to go to jail. Well that soon changed for me because the cops basically just laughed as they would come and 'inspect' the place and tell the players to try and keep it down and be ready to party when they are off duty to whoop it up with them. I don't think they ever saw me, or maybe they just didn't care about the sickly dude in the corner.

One of the team trainers would give me medicine. I think this is the same guy I have had in other dreams who would give me medicine. He is faceless though so I can't be for sure, and that is for another day. Anyway. Sometimes I wondered if he was there to help me or to shut me up. Not sure. Not like I'd narc on them for whatever, but I was just laying there day in and day out in my bed trying not to get into any trouble. Sometimes I would take his medicine and I would be out for hours. Sometimes I would take his medicine and it would fill like days before I woke up again. So this trainer, was really nice and maybe he was trying to help, as sometimes I would feel better and he would even ask me to join in on the festivities from time to time. Maybe in my 'sleep' I would converse with some players because they started talking to me more often and even offered to help me with things, while others asked for suggestions or help concerning their game. I still didn't feel right actually partying with them as I wasn't drinking then let alone vertical most times and obviously  because I wasn't a player, and not even a Sox fan lol.

However, with respect, I decided to offer assistance in helping them party so I could feel included while the players, and cops and priests could have fun too. So, of course, I built a bar! Duh. I couldn't really work since I didn't have the energy so I hired Sarah and she would work most of the hours. I would clean up after the night (morning) was over and I would set up during the game so they would be ready to party as soon as the game got over. Tips were great! It was fun, they would now party it up inside Fenway instead of going out and getting into trouble. Drinks were about as cheap as could be and we continued this on until I woke up. Bummer. Sorry, no idea how their season ended or what else happened in my dream. Dang!!
Go Brewers lol.


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