Thursday, December 4, 2014

Birth planning..

Had some very strange dreams while in the hospital as I am sure most of you know by now from reading any of my posts. This one isn't any much different other than I don't recall any dreams where I had so many different people I knew being such a large part in my dream.

Sarah was pregnant (true) and just like her to have things planned out and now more so because I was sick, she wanted to get as many pictures of the final weeks heading up to Scarlett being born, the birth itself and time afterwards until I woke up. Her plan also was to not have her be born in New Richmond but get as close to my hospital as possible. Everyday was Halloween. People were in costumes all the time and I never was sure what some of them were and if they were patients, or mental or sick, visitors or just worked there, but we always had to keep an extra eye on them. It was always cold and rainy and even some snow mixed in almost every day. College basketball was well into March Madness and the NFL draft was all over the TV's. (Both of which were true, more or less.) I was always awake (in these dreams) but I couldn't leave the hospital for anything. The nurses would be able to set me up in the lounge and I would watch the NFL draft, the NFL playoffs and NHL hockey and college basketball all day. I know this isn't possible, not so much going to a lounge to watch this while I was comatose, but that all four of these sports were on at the same time lol. But hey, I had other dreams where I was a minor league baseball player on an otherwise all Puerto Rican team from Miami, where every time we hit the field we ended up playing soccer! But that is another story :)

Ok back to this posts dream.. Sarah's photographer for Scarlett's birth was my ex-wife and the hospital she was going to give birth to was in the Countryside Plumbing & Heating building conveniently located next to the U of M. Ever watch Bates Motel on TV? Well that was basically the setting of my hospital and Sarah's hospital during this time, one hospital (the hotel) right next the the other hospital (the home). Sarah would meet with some of the plumbers, I mean nurses at Countryside every day and would go over procedures and ideas on how the day was going to go. Her and Countryside's owner, Tim had everything planned out like a perfect 'wedding' planner would, because it WAS like preparing for a wedding. Sarah would come visit me and tell me how things went in coordinating the birth, and had it all down time day, exact time, how long and what pictures would be taken and so-on. She would do this every day until the day came.

Did I mention my drug dealers? Oh, yeah. So Eric M, aka the hardest working man in New Richmond, was the front desk manager at Countryside Hospital. I would see him every day and while he denied knowing me, he gave me 'prescriptions' whenever I needed them. Sometimes we would sneak out and leave my hospital room and meet up with other dealers. One, also doubled as my chiropractor, who I can't remember his face or name, and the other was my brother. Sometimes these evil three would meet at the same locations so we could get everything done at the same time and try anything out that needed to be. It was odd though, that these three never would recognize me, and I also never actually recall them ever acknowledging each other either. My brother would usually be drunk when I came over and was a little paranoid with his stash, so he had guns in the house and normally wouldn't leave his secret basement. (This is about as opposite as you can get with my brother :) My chiropractor was always trying to come up with these new inventions to help me use the bathroom, as far as preventing me from falling and things like that. Perhaps he never actually gave me drugs, but he was always around the other ones who did and I remember him trying them with me. There was one time I stayed back in the basement by myself when those three went out for a pick up and they didn't return for hours. I was sure they had gotten arrested or shot or something happened and I was going to be there all alone and die. They eventually did make it back but I don't think I went there any more after that. Eric and my chiropractor would now come to my hospital instead! After some days had started to pass my perception of each of their faces had changed just a little bit and I wondered if they were really the same people or if I ever really knew them at all to begin with. Pretty much an in-dream mind screw.

This would go on for some time. And then the day came where Scarlett was ready to show herself to the world. I remember near panic from everybody around, people running back and forth everywhere but I was supposed to stay in my hospital lounge. Talk about a long day. May not sound like it, but while Sarah was having all the fun next door, I was stuck waiting in a lounge eating doritos and watching sports on TV. I mean I think Buffalo Wild Wings made every game go into overtime! Every time something exciting was about to happen in the game, some nurse would have to come in and check my vitals and update me about Sarah. "She's still breathing really well, and it will be anytime now" is what they kept telling me. Blah, blah you make a better door than a window. I'm on 1/100th of a lung here and you keep interrupting my ball games, but fine, Everything is always about her..
Just kidding lol :)  It was stressful of course not to be there and this was the probably the best place for me to be to relax, except I couldn't help think about having(?) to see all the birthing pictures once she was born lol. Eventually Dr. Sterba came to me from Sarah's hospital up the Bates hill and told me about Scarlett being born and I got to hold her for a few minutes before he brought her back over to cut the cord and other fun stuff.

Shortly after getting out of the hospital (still dreaming) we went to Ready Randy's and Eric was working and I gave him a wink, telling him thanks for hooking me up while I was sick but I didn't need anymore of his goods. He looked at me like I was straight out of a looney tune episode. Good times. That was about all of the dream that I can recall. My drugs must have been wearing off :)

I have my own conclusions for most of this dream to which may make some sense out of the craziness of it. Although I am not sure if I was actually aware of anything at the time, but maybe I caught just enough from loved ones or medical staff talking to me that some of it stuck in. For instance; I didn't have drug dealers or go to dealers homes, but I was given more than I would like to admit and sometimes I was brought different places or moved to different rooms. My 'chiropractor' was probably a pulmonary worker or someone like that who tried to make things better for me. My brother Jeff never has drank in his life and while he does take prescription medicine for having Cystic Fibrosis, he doesn't do, or sell, drugs either. Eric, was both a friend and an ex co-worker but I must have had a nurse that resembled him in some way which could easily have been the case. Countryside did a lot for my family and our bar during this time. Dr. Sterba is someone we know. Sarah and I watch every episode of Bates Motel. I know the Badgers made it to the Final Four and I missed out on that as well as the NFL draft and The Masters. Kind of funny thinking back on some of these dreams afterwards.

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