Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today we move

Well today we begin moving. Our goal is to get nearly everything moved in one day and we are for sure planning on sleeping at the new place tonight. Ryan didn't get a chance to see the new place yet as he was in school the times we went and looked at it. (Well, neither did Scarlett :) He doesn't come back to us until Sunday this week so his room will be all set along with everything else being new to him. I know he really loves 'staying' at Nana and Papa's but he understands it isn't 'home' and is excited about the move as we are also. Moving is tough. I am sure everyone has done it. We packed up a bunch over the past few days to lessen the load and have a couple vehicles packed to the brim already. Thankfully we don't move far, still in New Richmond and really only a couple blocks from where we have been staying with my parents. I am going to miss lots about staying here, most of which was spending time with them. Talking like normal, not having to rush things like a quick holiday visit or something like that. Now, it doesn't make me want to stay here longer, or go back to being a kid, but it does have a strange feeling of separation. I do think a lot has to from me getting sick (or else we wouldn't have need to move there) because they could watch the kids, usually Scarlett during the day and I could nap. It sucks 9 months after going to the hospital I am still tired all the time. But, it could last lord knows how much longer for me not getting enough sleep so we are hoping the move will among other things, get me on a better schedule and routine. Scarlett is 8 months old now and I really haven't felt like I have ever been her Dad yet, not in the sense of stereotypical home of Mom and Dad, two kids and a pet kind of way. When we came home from the hospital I wasn't able to do much for her the first 6 weeks other than hold her in our bed. Sarah took care of Ryan, Scarlett AND me. I didn't really do a whole bunch until she started school. Which she just finished her first semester of nursing school at WITC and graduates this May. Yay! Eventually I worked my way to making formula and then to be able to change her diapers. The changing wasn't the big problem, it was actually standing over her changer that was the problem. I am sure I carried her more times than I should have.. sometimes in my walker, while I really couldn't walk well at all. This new home will most likely present it's own problems like most eventually do, but I believe it will be great for us as a family and am looking forward to it. The kids don't know it yet, but we are going to be putting up a christmas tree and decorations this year after all. Wish us luck! lol. Thanks so much Mom & Dad. Time to let me go, again!



  1. This is the 9th place I have lived in with Ryan alone. Yikes :)
    7th for Sarah and I

  2. I am so happy for you and your family! Very exciting. It sounds like Christmas has come early for you. That's wonderful.
    If you ever need anything, please let me know. I also have two, babysitting aged girls now that would LOVE to babysit! :)