Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NR Clinic getting sick of seeing me yet...?

Back to see my Doctor tonight.

Been feeling kinda like crap the past week. Lame also because I was feeling better for awhile there that I even cancelled an appointment to see my main Doctor in the cities for Blasto. I originally figured it was the cold that hit Sarah, Ryan and Scarlett. I think I got a slight cold but nothing too bad, except it wasn't going away and then over the weekend I started feeling differently worse. I had a belly ache and took one of my as needed nausea pills, and it seemed to help a little. But I had one the next day and nothing helped and continued to have it again today. My feet have something else going on with them, and I was prescribed a lotion for them to help a possible fungal infection. My toe nails in particular my big toe nails look and feel like they are dying. I still can't feel most of my feet very well, but am still hoping they are continuing to get better overall with my nerve damage. A little over two years ago I got hand-foot-and-mouth and through a few months time all 20 of my nails had fallen out where new ones started to grow, and this feels similar to that as far as just the nails are concerned.                              
This morning it felt like I was going through some sort of tunnel vision for about 15 minutes or so and was very, very strange. Like I was really drunk and couldn't see straight while also feeling like I stood up too soon and got light headed and could see stars. My dreams the past week have been annoyingly long and consistent. They will wake me up and then I will get up and use the bathroom and the dream stays with me until I get back to bed and it continues until I fall back asleep and keeps continuing well past waking up in the morning. My sleep has been really bad of late. Tired through the day and ready for bed early, then I just can't fall asleep or, like tonight, fell asleep at a nice time but then wake up an hour later and I'm still up and now 3 hours have gone by. Then to top it off I am getting some major brain farts. Not from forgetting something, but it feels like my brain has its own heartbeat and can hear it sometimes. (No I'm not crazy:) You know when you get tired and find yourself head-bobbing in and out of being awake and asleep? Well it's like I do that, losing track of myself for a very split second, and I swear I can hear it happening. Or my hearing has just increased and I'm able to hear my eyes blink. Ugh. Well, I got blood drawn at the clinic and results came back decent although my Doc hasn't seen them yet. He may start decreasing my Vitamin D and my Potassium pills, but he prescribed me a sleep aid and a anti-depressant that doubles as something else but I forget what it is. I'll pick them up from the pharmacy tomorrow. Was not wishing to take more medicine as we've been weaning off some of the meds and I take about a 1/4 of the total from what I was taking about a month ago. My Doctor thinks this stopping and weaning has contributed to my symptoms as of late.
In other news, we are moving out of my parents place here starting next week. I think this will help out in several factors once we get settled in. For one, getting on a little bit of a better routine (although with Sarah's school holiday break coming, it may not feel "routine" for awhile) with sleep, daily schedules, and meals and bedtimes, as well as daily chores that just don't feel the same living here. And for two, trying to be as normal as a family as we can be. I mean I enjoy my time living here with my folks, but it is still difficult no matter how great and accomdating they have been. And it is difficult for Sarah, and relatively easy to understand why. For all the privacy we get here, of course it is just not the same as having your own place. Good thing we are not moving far so I can use the grandparents to babysit and do my laundry while I sleep, kidding :) Love you Mom & Dad!

Well that is all for now, going to try and fall asleep and get some needed rest.
I know you guys like my dreams though haha.


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