Thursday, December 11, 2014

From my toes to my neck

Well I was prescribed this lotion for my feet and mainly toes this week that needs to be applied twice a day. Doc says I could have a fungal problem going on, likely related, but probably not directly related to my Blasto. Now when he first said "fungal" Sarah and I kinda gasped, like wtf, a fungus is what gave me this pneumonia! But it's different. I still say this is related to Blasto because I don't think I would have gotten it just on my own. My reason being is that ever since I was still in Bethezda I wore some sort of socks, usually to help protect my feet from any irritation but also for warmth and wearing them made it slightly easier to put shoes on. Now I say slightly because it has been a major issue with anything touching my feet because of how sensitive they still are. Putting socks on is a lot like having a tooth cavity, when it gets touched or irritated, you can't help but wince in pain from the nerve damage in my feet. But I still torture myself and wear them all the time, some started with compression socks, then to doubling up pairs, to now the knee-high tight athletic ones. I probably wear socks now too often or too long of time periods because it hurts like hell to take them off and put on, so I thought maybe my feet were just getting dirty or were staying wet after putting socks on right after showering. I've been through 3 different sport shoes with different sizes, sandals, flip flops, boots, croc's, large fluffy cotton Packer 'boots' and then insulated slippers, but none of them really helped much. The sandals were the more comfortable, but with my drop foot and lack of feeling, I couldn't keep any of them on. I never realized how much you grip whatver type of footwear you have on until recently. Walking on a flat floor was hard enough with most of my comfortable shoes and walking up and down stairs was nearly impossible to keep them on your feet. We finally came along with recently finding an insulated croc as well as an insulated low cut laceless boot. Those both are clearly the most comfortable to wear and I can slip right into them with less pain. This winter my feet and in particular my toes get cold easily and when I go outside or even barefoot in the bathroom and shower they get instanly freezing cold and harder to walk on.
So now back to this lotion.. Sarah puts it on thick and it needs to dry. Well, my feet get ice cold right away but I can't put socks on or it'd mess up the ointment and I can't put them under my sheets in bed for similiar reasons. When I need to use the bathroom I can't put anything on my feet so I hobble slowly holding onto the walls as I go. Fun! Lol. Oh, and I forgot to mention how I hate lotion! The feeling of it on my skin drives me bonkers. Tanning oil, hand cream, gasoline, this stuff, you name it, I  really dislike using any of it. I don't like putting any kind of lotion on anyone else either because I can't seem to get the feeling and scent off of my hands. Hahaha. I have noticed in the past two winters that my hands have NOT gotten dry. They used to get terribly dry, I think it was all the different soaps and chemicals I used at work through the years. Curse you sanitization! Oh well, hopefully this lotion does the trick on my toes and feet. And thankfully it doesn't smell or sting or even tingle, so that's helpful. Now, what the hell am I going to do with my feet on our Carribean cruise! Hopefully wear as little as possible much as possible!

One other thing going on is I still have that annoying noise coming from my throat. It isn't as bad as it was when I first came home, but I hear it every time I'm in bed. My throat still tic's, like I have pop rocks candy stuck stuck somewhere. At least my unpleasant choking on carbonated drinks has basically stopped. Rather embarrassing out for a meal and I start gagging like a cat throwing up a furball. I was that guy at the Leine Lodge Tour this summer being thier for the first time, sitting like a fool on my 3-wheel scooter sampling beer, then one of the beers hit me and I start choking on the bubbles and I can't figure out if it's coming back out or going down. Knock on wood, but so far everything has gone down as in this case but I'm still feeling like an idiot and I'm all tearing up from the choking reaction and sweating trying to catch my breath from all the non-walking that I was doing lol. Not sure what is making me get the ticking sound coming from my throat, but it is rather annoying. Better then when I first got out of the hospital though. I had to have my gauze changed from my trachea all the time where I thought I had real issues then, like my lung was dissolving or something fun like that. But, turned out it was harmless then and I guess still is 😛

Things are looking up!!


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