Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who is Valentine's for....

Normally on Fridays, Ryan gets picked up at school from his mom. This week, however she needed surgery Friday on a broken heel so I was lucky enough to pick my boy up for a couple hours from school today. His class (and I'm sure the others) did some Valentines Day projects for the day. For one of them he made a folder with a self portrait (before he lost his most recent tooth:) along with a 'love' letter to each of his families. He gave me a folder for me and Sarah as he sat on my lap while I read it and it completely choked me up. I gave it to Sarah after she got home from school tonight, and as we both read it after Ryan was already gone, we both cried. He has been through some things that a sweet child like him should never have to go through and I am ever so proud of him.

I made some spelling corrections, but this short letter is all his.
I'm still having a difficult time keeping my eyes dry even from copying this short, sweet, from-his-heart, letter.........

Dear Dad and Sarah,

Thank you for never lying to me.
Thank you for protecting me for my whole life.
Love you so much.
Do you like the letter?

From, Ryan

How can I not post this!?!


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