Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy to wake

Didn't sleep well (again) last night although we went to bed early (again) and fell asleep I woke up and was awake most of the night. When I finally fell back asleep, I wish I would not have becuase I unfortunately dreamed that both the kids got Blasto.
Ryan had gotten sick and we took him into the hospital and when all the results came back they said there was an 18% chance that he contracted it from me. I was, of course, devasted. We went home to grab some stuff and then Scarlett got sick so we had her checked out and she also had gotten Blasto. Just about the worst dream ever, pretty sure I cried in my sleep. I would rather go through this ten times then have any of my loved ones ever have to. I have read that two different people have gotten it twice, one was in Canada and another was in Ohio, but never said they got it from a separate incident or just that it never went away and it came 'back.' Like I said last week I'm about a month away from being on schedule to stop taking my itraconazole, so my doctors are happy with my progress. I'm really hoping the weather changes quicker and spring arrives quicker because my feet freeze every time I go outside and walking becomes much more painful. Of course it may not just be the weather as after I shower it's just as bad. Could be a combination of the tub floor, the water and then the cold tile floor. At least the water hitting my feet isn't as painful as it used to be. My insulated crocs have been quite the saver, particularly since I still can't wear slippers because they always fall off on the stairs because it remains difficult to lift my toes. It would be just great to stumble down the stairs while I'm carrying my baby girl. If when you see me and notice a limp worse on one leg, it's true, my left is worse pretty sure because of that is where I broke my ankle 7 years ago. I have two pins in there that have my bone connected. Oh well, things could be worse.
When I run into people around town everyone is very kind and tell me that I look much better, did I look like shit before? Lol. Kidding.. But pictures like this one remind me that I sure did.

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