Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Amelia Tiger Earhart Woods

As most of you either knew me then or have learned by now, that I used to work at Ready Randy's for  about 6 years. I started working for the company right before the restaurant opened but shortly after the banquet was running, being already in operation from thier years in and at the golf course. While I was sick I had multiple dreams about several things, but not many that involved past employment. But this was is..
-This takes place while I was working at Randy's, although in actuality, I hadn't been there in about 2 years-
It was summer and I was at a golf outing with Chris and Randy at some course that was way to fancy for me. It was somewhere in Minnesota, and it was a very warm day. We were talking some about work, but mainly enjoying our day off from the job and trying to play bogey-free golf, yeah right. Well we only had a couple drinks on the course as we knew we had dinner afterwards and some presentation to watch but can't recall about what. We finished our round and went in to the club house and found our seats. We went to the bar first for a couple cocktails and as we were getting ready to sit for our meal Randy asked if we could talk. Of course I said yes and we went outside, and he had a limo waiting for us in the parking lot. I was a little nervous but mainly anxious to see what we were going to discuss. This wasn't completely out of the ordinary to have talks about the restaurant and things like that, but having this one today did feel a little odd. Well we started talking and things were fine, and then all of a sudden Randy tells me that he was firing me. I really didn't get upset, I was like, OK, but before I had a second to ask any questions, Randy falls over in his seat with an apparent heart attack. I got out and grabbed my cell and called 911 and people from the club house started coming out concerned on what had happened. I told everything that had happened and what we were talking about. Randy was in rough shape but was taken by ambulance in stable condition. Chris, (who was our GM during my time at Randy's) insures me that I wasn't fired, but instead was getting a promotion. A promotion that included being the GM for Randy's new business adventure. I was being transferred with this large pay raise to be in charge of their next, new banquet facility - on a big ass airplane.
Hmmm. Well, here I am, seems like the next day, on this plane. Chris is showing me the ins-and-outs of the set up, and expectations of both the plane itself and the banquet service and food. I somehow apparently learned to cook all this new food since I finished my round of golf. Apparently we soon realized that we were struggling trying to book weddings and other parties on our plane. For one it was a large cargo plane with no seats, and for two, we didn't have a refrigerator for our food and only had a few types of canned beer. (Or maybe because we didn't have an airport:) As it turned out they started talking about making cuts with this business and they were going to start with the pilot. So, I needed to learn how to fly a plane. Ohh-k... Well, sorry, but this dream doesn't last much longer. The last thing I remember was texting a few people to see if they knew how to fly a plane and whether they could help me out. I had sent one particular text to Scott Meyer and he said I should call his brother. No offense, but I didn't lol. For whatever reason the golf party that we were all attending from the beginning of this story was still going on and everyone was still there, including a healthy Randy. It was like the day never ended. Except for me. I suppose you all could finish my story for me if you'd like, but that is how my dream here ended.
Hopefully I didn't try and fly and crash and burn everyone on board !


P.S. I wish I would have kept my scorecard because I'm sure we were under par! Haha

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