Monday, February 16, 2015

February '13 & '14

Last February we had a few events that help shape the following year. In no particular order because I can't really remember: One was Sarah's baby shower, another was my diaper kegger and the third was our bar taking part in the chamber's mini golf outing.

The Chamber of Commerce had its inaugural 'Cabin Fever Classic' mini golf party where several bars around the New Richmond area and Star Prairie had a golf hole and several 4-person golf teams plus 1 sober driver traveled to each hole (bar) and took turns playing. It was rather bitter sweet because we once had a full 9-hole course, but times needed to change, and hopefully they find success at their new location. Sarah and I worked the bar this day and it was a good time, lots of people. Sarah was about 7 months pregnant at the time and ended up having to go home because she wasn't feeling good at all. I tried getting someone to come help for the evening but it was too late in the day and we were too busy for me to leave anyway. Ben and Jodi stuck around for a couple hours and helped with the golf and I think they enjoyed themselves. Made it much easier for me and was grateful for their help. The 2nd annual tourney is later this month I hear.

Sarah's baby shower was the first event of the month. She had it at Brady's and I happily wasn't there haha. I hung out at my home with my Dad, brother and son and we spent the afternoon togehter. Sarah got a lot of things that have been very useful for Scarlett and are still used every day. Thank you ladies for your support.

The next week I had my diaper kegger at our bar. The boys were to bring any package of diapers for us and along with $5 and could have their full of draft beers. It was a nice turnout and we had a lot of fun. Turned out to be an awesome idea, as we still use these diapers and have yet needed to purchase any. Thanks to my wife for setting this up and sending out the invites, and for working, and thanks for all those who supported this, even if it was their first time buying diapers lol. I remember I wasn't feeling very well that day, and for the next several days, as it soon turned March and the hospital to follow.

Just heard this morning, while waiting for Ryan's eye drops for his pink eye we just realized he had, that this week is supposed to be super cold. Great. I am hoping it doesn't last long and March comes quickly. Ryan hasn't been sick too much this year, hopefully the eye drops kick in soon and gets cleared up before Scarlett get it. I think he'll be able to go to school tomorrow but in the meantime him and I will catch up on some movies :)


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