Saturday, February 21, 2015


I read a post from a guy this morning that I friended on Facebook about 8 months ago. I say it like this because I never met him, at least not formally. We were once neighbors and my wife and his fiancé became relatively close, be it a short period of time. Him and I were going through some tough times during the same period and neither of us could do much about it. Like me, his name is Mike. You see, neighbor Mike and I were in the hospital at the same time. We were not in for the same reason, and we were both too sick to ever meet. One day as Sarah and her family were on their way to visit me, they were greeted immediately as they reached my floor with emergency 'call blues' for instant assistance. "We have to crack Mike's chest!" was what they were yelling, rushing to his aide. Nine month pregnant wife of mine 'runs' as fast as she can to my room panicking to what the hell happened to me. With everything I had going wrong, my heart remained strong, so this code alarm didn't make sense. It turns out it wasn't me that the staff was running to, but neighbor Mike's. Omg, what an emotional mind screw that had to have been. On her daily visit, Sarah is 'greeted' with unknown orders for jacking up, what she thought, was my heart. She freaked out, and then realizing what was going on tried to console with neighbor Mikes' fiancé. It turned out to be the same day that happened to be my worst day as far as me being sick. Staff had made knowledge of how sick I was stating that I happened to be the sickest person at the U of M. Patients were dying on my floor. My neighbor had to get his heart jumped. my lung collapsed harpers. Mike and his fiancé are now married and he seems to have recovered nicely. I'll never know how he really felt during his time there, but it was great reading his post this morning sharing his love and thanks with those close to him. Sarah and his fiancé became friends through all of this as well. Strange to have a unique connection with someone I never met :)


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