Thursday, February 19, 2015


Well I had this story to write today about recovering at Bethesda. Not to get into too many details, because I referred with my brother and my wife about the couple of days in which I was thinking about and neither one knew what on earth I was talking about. Shucks! I thought this one wasn't a false memory, I just thought I was really messed up, although I'm not sure which is better/worse. Anyway, it involved things such as: me being in college, taking a class in which the assignment was to make a scary looking halloween deliscious dish for dinner, an argument with my family about times of the day, and a nurse that I thought I knew. Damn. I really thought I was 'arguing' with my brother about his idea about my homework because it wasn't scary enough. I had it in my mind that I had seen plenty of scary movies in my day to have references about. Yeah, really makes no sense when I think about it lol..
Well, there goes that 'memory' of an argument, and an apology. Wonder how many times I said I was sorry and didn't have a reason for doing so? At lease the nurse I thought I knew, who would have been changing my diapers, wasn't really there, because that would be super awkward! Trying to figure out the time of day was an ongoing issue throughout my time in there. About the only thing I got out of this was that I did in fact get upset about the time of the day, because I never knew if it was morning or night. Many times because the curtains were pulled so I couldn't tell from the weather. Sarah ended up getting me a digital clock because the ones in the rooms were just the wall ones with no AM or PM. I believe before long I had three digital clocks in my room to choose from, which actually seemed to make things worse until several more days had passed.
Well I suppose I could have made up a story, but that's no fun!

Today wasn't a total loss lol.
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