Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This could be a long ongoing topic. Some stories I have are grizzly, some sad, some funny, some never happened because of the medications I was under, some a mixture of many. I think this will help me get things out for my own self worth as well as for my family and friends. I would like to write about my time dealing with this fungal pneumonia I was diagnosed with this past March. Any questions you may have or comments, please feel free to post. Sarah knows much better what happened to me as I was out of it for most of the months in the 4 hospitals I was in, so some posts may be going off what she tells/reminds me of. I'm probably going to do some sort of scrap book in chronological order of things that happened with pictures, but for this section, my posts will probably just be random.. Like this one,

Here I believe I was early on in my time at my last hospital, Bethezda. 

        I was freaking out for 2 days and 2 nights in a row because I had strict orders from the Doctors to attack the Russians. To accomplish my apparent mission, I was to secretly receive football shaped balloons that were going to be dropped to me from the sky into my hospital bed and I was to fill them up with flavored jello. My time frame I was unaware of but I knew I had to hurry. When the balloon shaped footballs started landing in my room I frantically called for a nurse for help because I couldn't reach them, well needless to say, this didn't go as planned.. (I should back up quickly and say that I could not walk, barely move my legs and my upper body was very weak at this point) Ok, so the nurse comes in and she had to put me back into place in my bed because I was searching for these balloons, messing up my tubes and nearly falling off the bed. Then I asked how many ounces of jello the balloons would hold, because apparently I've been filling them up too much and they have been exploding on me. The nurse would play nice and tell me to go back to bed, but I kept trying to find the balloons. This got very frustrating because I thought I really, really needed to take care of this 'mission.'
For whatever reason, I got over it after these 2 days and went on to plenty of other wonderfully interesting memories. Oh, turns out that there were obviously no balloons and the explosions were, well lets just say I wet myself.

I have more stories about Russians later,


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