Wednesday, September 10, 2014

March '14

This is how I recall what had happened to me. I will follow it up with exactly what had happened to me with the help of Sarah and other family members as well as hospital documents at a later date.

March 6th-9th (Thurs-Sun) I wasn't feeling very good - and in fact felt worse and worse until I finally asked my 8 months pregnant wife to bring me to the hospital ER on that Sunday. I feel like I have been  relatively healthy person in my life and tend to 'make it through' sicknesses that I generally have had the best I could. Now since working in smokeless bars for about 8 years my lungs have probably healed themselves pretty nicely over that time. But with having a family now and well, getting older (smarter?) I decided enough was enough, I felt like crap and could hardly breath so it was time to go in.

At Westfields in New Richmond I was diagnosed with pneumonia and sent to the pharmacy for a prescription. I vaguely remember much of any of this. Well Monday (or Tuesday?) come around and I still feel like hell and I'm on my way with Sarah for our OB appointment. Well things I assume went fine there but our baby Doctor said I looked terrible and needed to stay and I was then omitted into Westfields. I recall being hooked up to whatever machines and was finally getting some air to breathe for a little comfort. Not sure when at this point, but I had a few visitors, good friends of mine, stopped to say hello and see how I'm doing and maybe spread a little cheer to go around - I mean who is really that sick here at Westfields after all.. Anyway, my friends show me a small bottle of Crown Royal and jokingly ask if I wanted some. Well as sick and drained as I was I think I cracked a smile, but I do know that the booze got confiscated by the medical staff and then the nurse asked me if I needed a drink. Ha! The strange part was I could tell that someone was here because I could smell smoke and it really bothered me, made it harder to breathe and I had asked Sarah for no more visitors until I felt better...

Later that day (which was actually 2 days later!) one Doctor said I appeared to be getting better, but Sarah asked for another opinion because of how I was looking and another Doctor said I should go to Regions hospital in St. Paul. I remember some of the ambulance trip as I knew who the 2 first responders were and they talked to me on the way. I got to Regions and I believe I was moved to at least 2 different rooms before settling me in. I don't recall much more, I couldn't breathe and not sure if I could talk. The next 2 months were very, very cloudy to say the least. l know I missed my first St. Patrick's Day in New Richmond since I could remember, and my family tried to make it the best they could for me, bringing me a shirt and few other fun things. I know I talked to Sarah a little bit and I remember being scheduled for a PICC at some point as well as a getting rigors from my first dosage of ampho.

Then.. SLEEP

PICC - Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
Ampho - Amphoteracin B (anti-fungal, extremely toxic, extremely painful. Intravenously given over 4 hours every day)
Rigors - Uncontrollable shakes

Crown Royal - an awesome whiskey with a fun history
St. Patrick's Day - my favorite holiday :)

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