Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Medicine (+2)

This list is only what I've been taking since I have been home. (May 9, '14) There were much more while I was in the 4 hospitals I was cared at.

6:00 AM  - Hydrocodone (Vicodin) 2 pills @ 325 mg
                    Gabapentin (Neurotin) 2 pills @ 300 mg, later upped to 450 mg
                    Cymbalta - 1 pill, have now gone up to 2, and soon to 3/day

10:00 AM - Daily Vitamin - 1 pill - OTC
                     Vitamin C - 1 pill - OTC
                     Intraconazole (anti-fungal) 2 pills @ 100 mg
                     Metoprolol (blood pressure) 1 pill @ 25 mg - since discontinued
                     Potassium - 1 pill @ 20 mg
                     Furosemide (swelling) (makes me pee a lot) 1 pill @ 20 mg - going to try every other day
                     Vitamin D3 - 1 pill @ 5000 units (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday)

2:00 PM  -  Hydrocodone - 2 pills @ 325 mg
                    Gabapentin -2 pills @ 450 mg

10:00 PM - Vitamin C 1 pill
                     Intraconazole - 2 pills @ 100 mg
                     Metoprolol - since discontinued
                     Potassium - 1 pill @ 20 mg
                     Cetirizine (allergy) 1 pill - OTC
                     Hydrocodone - 2 pills @ 325
                     Gabapentin - 3 pills @ 350

I need to keep on a good schedule for this or it takes its toll on my body..i.e. worsened pain, vomiting, more more tired. They say if I were to stop taking several different types of these instead of weaning off I could get seizures. Either way I keep Ibuprofen near by for days I need some extra pain relief.

* I plan to list my other medicines while in my hospitals at a later date.




Not sure if this was a case of mixed medicine or what but I had quite the experience today. I was out on my scooter running errands today, and as I got home I felt this yucky feeling in my belly and I all of a sudden felt dizzy, sick, lightheaded and I started to sweat really bad. I realized I had taken my 10:00 daily morning medicine a half hour later but that's not overly abnormal or concerning. I ended up going into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and held the garbage can waiting for the worst. I hadn't had much to eat during the morning, I wasn't hungover from the previous night and nobody else in the family has been sick. Well nothing happened in the bathroom besides I lost like a gallon of sweat, I couldn't believe how much I was sweating, it was unreal. Anyway, my legs are week to start with along with my horrible foot pain and as my sore tush, so I started worrying if I could even get up on my feet if I wanted to. (Anybody remember Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2?) Well I started feeling a little better and heard my baby girl fussing upstairs so I forced myself up. As I felt better to an extent, I was still not right, my belly hurt bad and had asked my dad for a puke bucket. Well Sarah had now just gotten home from college and noticed right away I looked like hell and she started feeding me water. I do drink a fair amount of water per day, but since taking my medication from my illness I should know better and be drinking more. So needless to say I was most likely dehydrated as well as not reacting well to the meds I took. I did end up not taking my 2:00 meds until 5:30 and took my 10:00 PM meds slightly early and my night has been fine ever since. I have, however, loaded up on my water intake on the evening though. Moral of the story, listen to your wife lol.

Sorry if this story was boring. I'm tired and off to bed, so tonight's 'story' is kind of a daily diary ;-)
Believe me I have plenty Moore stories :-)

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