Monday, September 29, 2014

Sarah's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sarah!
I took Sarah's Birthday (September 28) off from writing in my blog to spend extra time with her this weekend. Friday we went to Mystic Lake Casino for a great dinner and then a comedy show with her sister and her husband. The show was hilarious, way better than I personally had expected. After the show we ended up talking to the headlining comic and then we hooked up with him and one of the other comic's and met at the main bar for a couple drinks. It was very cool and we got a few pictures with them. And yes, they were funny off stage too :)
Saturday we went to our awesome friends' wedding reception in Somerset. Congratulations Glenn and Jayme! Your wedding was beautiful this winter but I'm glad your reception wasn't then too, little chilly, lol. It was a beautiful fall evening and everything looked great, so sorry we had to skip out early.
Sunday, her actual birthday we watched the Packers stomp da bears and then we went with her family for the afternoon. Good times. Couple drinks, some ruebens, some mini golf, and a little bit of the viqueens game booo, lol. Thanks ladies ;)
Happy Birthday Sarah, I love you!


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  1. Thanks for making my birthday so great! Love you!!