Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Green Bay, WI

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to get hooked up for a Packer Game weekend package. Back when I got sick, this nonprofit group called CORE (Chilren Of Restaurant Employees) contacted us about doing something beneficial for our family. Wow! We had talked about a few optons and it came down to either doing a trip to Disney Land, or a Packer game trip to Lambeau Field. We, of course choose the Lambeau Field option which included 2 hotel rooms for two nights, 4 pregame football passes, and 4 tickets to the game. We got to go on a behind the doors trip to see everything from the locker room, weight room, football practice facility with the 3 biggest 'movies screens' on the practie field i've ever seen, as well as meeting the equipment manager. We also saw all of the Lombardi Super Bowl trophy's in their glass cases as well as the tour bringing us out to the field through the tunnel where the players come through and got to walk across the championship labeled flooring and touch the same quotation plaque as all the players do. CORE had hooked our baby Scarlett up with Packer clothes and awesome Packer gear. Ryan had gotten a Rodgers jersey as well as some other great Packer attire for him as well. The highlight of the tour was Ryan getting to not only meet John Kuhn but he got to shake his hand, get his autograph and get several pictures with him. Amazing! Ryan absolutely loved it when during the game, the crowd cheered 'Kuuuuuuhn'

With all of this going on, it was the first time that most of us had been to Lambeau. I personally had been there many times for several games, mainly in the late 90's to early '00's which were a blast every time. So many of those stories should be a different post hahaha. Anyway, I remember being there some 30 years ago obviously as a youngster with my folks when the Packers were terrible but they still had a relatively good following. I recall back then, again with some help from my parents pictures, that a few of the players rode me and my brothers' bikes around. How great was that as a child growing up as a huge Packer fan!
This reminded me of how awesome it was to see not only my 7 year old son see a game for the first time, but for my wife for the first time in years as well, and especially my dad to be able to see a game in person for the first time ever at Lambeau. I believe my dad enjoyed all of the experiences the most. The game itself for on one of course, but he also got to see the half-time 'show' including the acknowledgment of many of his idols who were there as a part of the "all-time" packers club. He said that he broke a tear. Made my weekend. This was defiantly a once in a lifetime weekend.. Awesome!

P.S. We hooked up with some friends we knew after the game. Some friends have turned into great friends, some acquaintances have become really good friends and some strangers have become good friends as well. What a tremendous weekend!



  1. One of these days I am going to read your blog and NOT cry!

  2. I've shed more tears over this than I would like to admit. This has helped me more than I ever would have thought though as well. Thanks so much Jackie!