Friday, September 26, 2014

Hallucination (1 of many)

I thought I saw several things and people many times during my time in the hospital that I never did. Strange feeling I tell ya, not knowing what's real or what's not. As time went by and I started weaning off some of my medications Sarah tried convincing me of some things that were factual or not. Had to of been hard on her, seeing her husband all messed up and barely able to move, trying to explain objects or people that were not there.
I think the first time I realized that I actually was seeing things is when I thought I saw my good buddy Bill W. Lets back up a while here first though... My parents had come to visit me most every day of course, and one day they decided to bring me a gift for my room. Well I'm not much into flowers so they, for whatever reason, decide to bring me a large sunflower plant. Not really sure why, but it seemed to fit the room, and later on we ended up taking it home and putting it in our front window. Anyway, back to my story about Bill. It was late at night, quiet, probably after midnight. I can't sleep at night like normal at this point in my stay and I'm sick of TV so I start looking around. I glance outside my door and thought I recognized somebody. Sure as shit it's big Bill. Cool. I could go for a late night visitor, why not. Well Bill is all secretive. I see him, I don't see him. I see him again, now I don't. Then he walks closer than hides. I'm thinking what the hell is he doing? Planning on sneaking up and scaring the he-beat-death motionless creepy looking guy in the bed or what? Anyway he keeps getting closer and then I don't see him. Hmm, ok I guess he didn't want to stay or got scared to visit or whatever. Then I look over at my big ass sunflower plant and sure as hell, my big friend Bill is peeking around from behind the plant, trying not to be seen. Ok I won't scare him or whatever so I stay quiet, not sure if I pretended to sleep or not, but just laid calm as could be waiting for his move, but he never did. I fell asleep at some point and in the morning he was gone. Later that day I started to realize something.. Wow, I'm messed up! Why the hell would someone come visit me after visiting hours at 1:00 in the morning and why would he hide from me behind a plant. Wow I feel stupid, kind of made me laugh though too.

I still peeked around looking at that plant at times to see if he was there anyway ;-)


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