Thursday, January 22, 2015

Outside of my Box

(This isn't intended to offend anyone)
Well, just one.
So I generally try and steer clear of controversy especially on my blog because people have the right to feel, and usually express, how they want. I enjoy all of my audience and I don't need to know beliefs from any of you loyal readers, the part-timers or any first-timers. But, this is bothering the shit out of me. This Michael F. Moore asshole is out of his mind. I'm not saying this because we share the same name, but our name shows up everywhere now more than ever. I typed in Mike "Cheek" Moore on google and up pops 8 images, 7 of this fat-tard and the 8th of me and Sarah holding the "coming soon" sign for Scarlett. Him, hiding behind words calling anyone a coward is bad enough, but when he calls out a deceased war veteran for being one is flat out an embarrassment. Never seen any of his movies and never will. He has his views and writes or produces books or movies about them, and last I saw he was worth $50 million. Good for you, jerk. I just read today that he continued on about Chris Kyle and other snipers (as well as others) for being cowards because his uncle was supposedly killed by one in WWII and that was what he was taught by his dad growing up. Your a grown, really grown adult, I'm sure you can think for yourself by now. Well, if this is true, shouldn't he understand an enlisted serviceman better and respect how they fight for our rights in this country..? Check this site out..
I think it's great all of the support coming from our military people about each other and how they think that Moore is a complete waste, waste of time and space.
Since I don't plan on changing my name, in order to preserve my (hopefully) good name, I'll either have to become more famous, win the lottery and then since I'd be rich and famous then I would have the right to make statements to the media I'll be relevant. NOT. So, I guess I will just refer to him by his middle name: Francis. Or maybe a better name is Benedict Arnold.
So Francis, you suck. Don't get shot.


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