Sunday, January 11, 2015

Carnival Cruise

Well we had a successful cruise! Yes, it was a vacation, and yes it was a hectic time and wasn't exactly cheap BUT this really is what we needed. School starts for Sarah soon again (tomorrow) and us as a family we all are ready to get back, and begin our routine. Scarlett turns 9 months this week and we are still settling in on our home. With this trip, we scheduled it back in June when I was still pretty messed up and spent a lot of time in a wheelchair. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea because I had no idea if I would be able to enjoy myself let alone feel my feet or walk on my own as well as how much medicine I would be taking and bringing. I used my cane quite often and needed it probably more often.

This trip was a celebration. It was a celebration of Sarah and my survival of a tumultuous year, and the ringing in of a new year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chicago train trip with the kids, New Years, all while moving homes, we found time to fulfill our pre-planned vacation to take a Carribean Cruise. While we are now home and I, personally am tired and sore, it was an amazing trip and something we will always remember.

Some people may not understand how or why we could take this vacation with so many other things going on in our life, including us not having paying jobs at this point. Well, like I mentioned, this was planned and paid for in advance while we still had the bar, before several things falling out of place with our business. We always had to take time off of work if we wanted to travel anywhere, and we didn't have to this time. Our Chicago trip was our own Christmas gift for the 4 of us as we didn't do much for gifts under the tree this year. Ryan understood and Scarlett pooped, so they were content with the other Christmases they went to. Santa still came! We have plans in the near future to help out with our bills, including jobs and several projects that we hope to finish this year.

I just wanted to share this quick because of any who thought - how the heck can they be taking all these vacations!?! Now we know :)

Take care, God bless and thank you!



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