Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First couple of days in

Came across a notebook the other day from the first week of me being in the hospital. Basically was a diary of sorts about what was going on by Sarah and a couple other note takers on her notebook. Sarah probably didn't want me to read this yet, as she still doesn't like going over all the things that happened.
Forgive the garbled messages here, but I'm just reading what I see, not asking questions about it tonight..
It's not much, but was the first I read of it.

(page 1)

Ampho B, Amphoteracin: AntiFungal

Oxy 5mg - Pain

Tylenol - Pain or Fever

Hydrocortizone - steroid pre Ampho

Mucinex - loosen mucus

Ibuprofen - Pain

Miralax - for stool, NO

(page 2)

Schedule at work for our employee's on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and being closed on  Sunday's thru Wednesday's.
-Casey to pull time cards and tally hours.

(page 3)

Besides finished payroll notes, nothing more than paper scratches..

(page 4)

Wednesday, 3/19/14 at 11:30. Dr. Hamm + Nurse/Prac

Didn't sugar coat 1/ET positive

Totally sedate Mike - even para/comma
      waste no energy - focus lungs

Almost Totally Lung issue (kidney fussy)
                                       if needed do dialysis
Feed thru belly

Basically a strong - healthy young man.  (young? lol)

Ampho B + lots of antibiotics to make sure nothing else.

Barbara, Res/Mer = "he will make it"

12:30 Nurse Elaine meds to drain fluids

1:45 Dr. Hamm to increase airflow, more meds to sedate

(page 5)

Thursday, 3/20/14

9:40 AM - white blood cell up from 17-19. Normal is 4-11

Kidney function down to 1.4 !

Fever spiking :-(   =  inflammation Ampho B

85% oxygen being given

Platelets are up (normal)

Blood pressure is holding
Oxygen level is holding

-Chest xray
-Blood culture for bacteria
-Arterial lie
*Baby steps in right direction
 lowered O2 and sedation meds

This is all that was in this notebook. The other one was for the next 6+ weeks.

Sarah talks to me about any of this whenever I have questions, but doesn't like to relive it too much because it can get her emotional, and as time passes, me too as well. Dang.


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