Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm no gamer

Seems to have been awhile since I wrote about a dream from my hospital stay. So here is another one!

I was having reoccurring dreams about how I would end up in different parts of the world, usually bigger cities, but sometimes I would be found on large boats or lost in some hotel not sure where I was. I was there because I always joined some 'huge' video game tournament. Every time I joined or entered one of these tournaments I just KNEW I was going to win. Not sure why I thought this, for one because I haven't really played a video game since the original Nintendo in the early 90's. I never got into gaming or on-line play or whatever it is these kids do these days, but for whatever reason I just thought I could win and could win some big money. For two, not only did I never win in these dream competitions, I never got close, and usually would get kicked out of the tournament part way through and not asked back.
So, I would skip out of the hospital somehow and even a bigger question is how I got to these places, but I was either too sick to play any games, or I was too drunk to play, or both. Sometimes I even traveled to this cities throughout the world by somehow teleporting myself through the video game itself. Many of these games were the fighting/combat competitions (which I have another similiar story about some day) so I would need to get there and start training, I guess I needed to train/exercise to get in 'game' shape. This was ridiculous because I really couldn't move much anyway at the time but I would have to show what I could do in person to be able to enter. Sometimes I think they either felt bad for me and let me join, or they just wanted to laugh at me since I would never win. These places I would go were not exactly high dollar facilities, some of them were even in shady hotels or somebody's home and the other participants were seldom American and were usually young adult age or even late teenagers and were always men. Regardless, I would wake up the next day, usually totally 'dazed and confused' and someone would be there to pick me up, sometimes Sarah and always a family member, usually my parents. They would say something like, "Mike, you did it again, but we are here to take you back to the hospital." And I would try and put up a wimpy argument about how this was the one that I could win or some other BS story. Not to mention all the entry fees I continued to pay for. I remember telling my brother one time that if I could stay I would buy him dinner, at McDonalds, in Taiwan lol. Who knows. So I would go back, and then when I got the chance I would get out again and this would repeat itself over and over for a long time until I eventually stopped dreaming these video game, traveling dreams.

I don't know exactly what to take from this weird (as normal) dream that I was having in my time mainly at Bethezda. But, I do believe that it has something to relate to me wanting to get out although I was in no shape or condition to do so and that my family was always there for me when I got up. And like other dreams or false memories from before, the other people were probably in some relation to the medical staffs at the hospitals I stayed at because the faces were not familiar at all. Even the regular nurses were not familiar and it took about up to the last few days before I could remember any of my doctors name. So, who really knows, but they were strange dreams, very life-like and rather depressing.
Or maybe I'm just upset about fantasy football this year lol. jk


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  1. I love reading your blog! The mind is an amazing thing.