Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last night

      So I'm sitting home with Scarlett yesterday, typical Wednesday, Sarah comes home from school like normal around 3:30. Short time later she asks me if I want to play darts tonight. She saw a friend of hers on Facebook had asked if anyone was able to be a substitute for his dart team. She said that I should. I was a little iffy about doing it because it has been so long since I've done anything outside the house and more so outside the house, alone.
      Now, let me tell a little bit about myself pertaining to this story. I've never had an issue with doing things alone, whether it be going to a movie, going to any bar, clothes shopping or shopping in general. I could be happy sitting on the couch watching TV literally all day and enjoy my time. Not only didn't I have an issue with these things, I actually rather like to. That has surely changed, and not just in the spending time with Sarah and the kids way, but the way I needed to be with someone to be able to help me if I fell or choked, needed an inhaler or any other help that could be too difficult by myself. Also, I'm a dart nerd. Or I guess was a dart nerd. Started playing league darts and tournaments over 16 years ago. Was usually a highlight of my week hanging with friends and playing semicompetitive darts. Then with the bar the last two years I started only playing part time, and then of course I got sick. When we were closing up for a night at work, I grabbed a handful of darts and tried to see what I could do. Well I clearly didn't have my strength or muscle memory back and my first several darts missed the board, and the next few hit but we're pretty bad. That was sometime in June and hadn't touched darts since.
      Ok, back to last night. I was nervous! Actually nervous to go play darts, by myself, for the first time in what seems like forever. So I went. Sarah didn't literally push me out the door, but she really thought it would be good for me to get out of the house and have fun. The dart match was at champs and was happy to find the boards were not up the stairs. So we shot darts and had a lot of fun, we ended up losing the tie breaker and lost overall 6-7. I played ok, perhaps better than expected, I mean after my fisrt practice game I got tired and sat down lol. Wasn't too bad after that as I sat down as often as I could, (when normally I would never sit, I'd shoot darts and when it wasn't my turn I would be at the bar getting drinks) and tried to pace myself. It was a lot of fun. I met two guys I didn't know who played darts and then ran into several of the familiar ones including parts of my past team. Great seeing everyone and people were fun to be around again.
      Now today. I hurt, lol. Yeah I had a few drinks but nothing crazy or late, as I was home and in bed around 10:30. But my body hurts. I hurt every morning, but it was way worse this morning and my dart arm hurts like hell and feels like it's about 200 pounds. It was still worth it as it was nice to get out and be a little more normal for once. When I woke I felt to myself that I'd never do that again, but I am glad that I did, and would do it again, just not every week 😉
Anyway, thanks for letting me play JR., Tev, and Tork.
And good seeing the others.

Thanks for the good night out Sarah!


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