Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recent Update

My last scheduled appointment well pretty well. Dr. Sellman has been terrific the entire time and said he'd be happy to see me whenever we needed but doesn't expect to see me for about 6 months. I had X-rays taken of my lungs as a base for my next pulmonary test in several months. Be curious to see how my lungs look now when we check them here at home. I have decided to stop taking my Intraconazole now, instead of finish the about half bottle that remains. I couldn't sleep last night very well and started wondering if that was a mistake or not, so I figured I would go downstairs and just take one of the normally two pills that I normally would have taken. Maybe it was just my nerves or subconscious feelings or whatever, but it seemed to relax me a little bit and was able to sleep decently well the rest of the night. I posted pictures of my consolidated daily medicines on FB this morning and I've had well over 100 likes and several comments and this all makes me feel really good. Thank you for that!!! It's been a busy and hectic week already and it's only Tuesday night and Ryan even commented how fast the week has gone by. This weather sure is an extremely pleasant surprise for early March. Three days ago we built a snowman, and while it was fun, I've never been so happy for a snowman to be gone!



  1. Oh, one more thing from Dr. Sellman. He said he can't get an exact number but figures my chances of getting Blasto coming back would be in the single digits of a percentage and guessing about 3 or 4% chance.
    This is good, but my chance of getting it in the first place was much lower with contradicting statistics. CDC in Wisconsin rates = 1.4 per 100,000 from 1986-1994.
    Fatality Rate with people that get ARDS (which I had) the mortality rate is about 69%.

  2. Test results came back on my chest x-ray. I still have some scar tissue on my left side, but this was expected and it looks good overall and considering. yay.