Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Olivia Munn (kinda)

I cannot for the life of me understand all this stress over Aaron Rodgers attending Badger games. I know most of it is from national press outside of our state/fan base but it's everywhere I see. So he didn't go to college in Madison, big deal, he's from California, not many students from that state would. How many players on the Packers roster, past or present have? Not many! Only one currently actually. Rodgers grew up a Niner fan, no surprise, and he thought they may draft him, nobody seems to hold that against him. Lucky for us!
Ok, so the 'big problems' are: that he is attending games but doesn't wear Wisconsin Badger colors and that he isn't supporting his alma mater of the University of Cal. So we as Packer fans shouldn't support Andrew Quarless from Penn State, Mike Meal from Purdue, Corey Linsley from Ohio State, Brian Bulaga, Micah Hyde and Mike Daniels from Iowa because they played against Wisconsin in the Big Ten? B.S. This is why, to me, why college and pro sports is completely differnet. I look at Russell Wilson who played (only) one wonderful year for Wisconsin but now plays for our current biggest rival in the NFL, but many still cheer for him because his loyalty to the Badgers. He seems like a nice guy, but I for one do not cheer for him in the pro's. Sure, succeed and be a fine player, but not at the expense of MY team. Plus I may still be a little bitter that we lost to Andy Dalton in the Rose Bowl that year lol. JJ Watt played his entire career in Madison, has a brother on the team, and is another supporter of them still, but Green Bay seldom plays his pro team so he's in a much different situation than Wilson. Watt, played 4 years for Wisconsin and is now on an AFC team vs 1 year and on an NFC newly hated rival with Wilson.
The University of Cal's basketball team season has been over for more than two weeks, it's the NFL offseason and he was watching his decade plus home state Basketball team try to get to its second straight Final Four with his famous Girldriend. Who knows, maybe the two were visiting his family for the first time as well. Doesn't matter. Rodgers was also sitting next to ex-PGA player and current golf analyst Andy North who happens to be a huge Badger supporter and alum. Is Magic Johnson getting the same heat from Laker fans because he was at Michigan State games and not UCLA games? I don't know, but it's a similiar situation in my opinion. Apparently Rodgers has befriended the team, but it has been well before this past weekend. Him and Bo Ryan are friends and he has been joking around with some players including Sam Dekker on Twitter and in person who says he wants to play him in a one-in-one basketball game. I know Rodgers doesn't need my support but I think it's a joke on how the media is making a big deal about this. As long as he rocks the green and gold during the season, he can support what ever college team he wants, it's just much more awesome that that team is our own Wisconsin Badgers. Oh the problems of being rich, famous, a champion and MVP :)
Keep it up Rodgers and keep it up Badgers!
Maybe if he marries Munn her bridesmaids will wear red, then I'd have another story to write about.😎


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